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The Masters of Data Management

The Masters of Data Management

Outsource Data Entry Services is a data entry outsourcing company. They are the masters of handling myriad data entry related tasks such as data entry, data conversion, document scanning, document indexing, data mining, XML conversion and eBook conversion projects. Their speciality lies in the fact that they come up with a high turnaround rate as per the requirement of a particular client. Also, their services come quite cheap compared to what it would cost a company were they (the company) to hire separate staff to carry out those tasks.

Having more than fifteen years of experience, they are able to combine their managerial expertise with ethical codes of conduct in business. Over the years, they have generated a considerable amount of goodwill among customers. Among their services, they offer Outsource Data Entry Services, Document Conversion Services, Scanning Services, Data Mining Processes and Forms Processing.  When it comes down to specialisation under each service, some of their most esteemed works include online and offline data entry, data capture services, data cleansing services, document indexing, document digitisation, OCR services, PDF conversion, book scanning, document scanning, and a volley of others—the complete list is much too long for everything to be included in here. Overall, it could be confidently said that they have mastered the art of data digitisation and when paired with the smoothness of execution and rich quality, it makes Outsource Data Entry stand out from all its competitors. There is a list of things that ODES India swears to its clients:

-Customised service

-More focus on Core Areas

-Clients would enjoy the service of better talent

-They’d have access to the latest technology

-Reducing Risk

-Competitive Advantage

– Last but not the least, lower costs of operation.

To know more about ODES India and what they do, you can log on to:

Note: Other than data entry and other assorted services, they are seasoned eBook publishers. They scan pages of hard-copy books (or eBooks) and then convert them into editable versions; design innovative and unique covers for e-books, and they help with the insertions of graphs, pie charts, histograms and images onto pages of e-books. They have a competitive advantage in the pricing strategy, quality assurance, client-friendliness and format flexibility.

About Odes India:
ODES India is one of the most esteemed data management service firms in India. Client satisfaction and quality control are their topmost priorities.

204 Atlantis Enclave,
OppMaruti Row House,
Nr. SubhashChowk,
Memnagar, Ahmedabad,
380052, Gujarat, INDIA
Phone: +919825098149

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