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The Next Generation of Kickstarter Manufacturing

The Next Generation of Kickstarter Manufacturing

Houston, Texas; 15, August 2016: Kickstarter crowdfunding is not a new idea, but it has recently grown into it’s own as a legitimate way for all types of entrepreneurs to fund their ideas. Thanks to Kickstarter, and other sites like Indiegogo and FundAnything, Makers are able to put their vision forward and ask the market if it deserves to be funded. This new channel of funding for anyone who wants to start or grow their own business is more accessible, along with the side benefits of proving out the concept and building an initial customer base at launch. However, as any repeat entrepreneur knows, funding is only one of many barriers. The next hurdle, now that you’ve got the money, is actually making your product, and for many Kickstarter creators this involves manufacturing.


Manufacturing is a very traditional business that, putting it very mildly, can be time consuming and complicated. Most manufactures are located overseas and have a high overhead and even higher barriers to entry, requiring initial order volume in the thousands or even tens of thousands; making this a nearly impossible means for most Kickstarter creators. So while crowdfunding opened the door for many more entrepreneurs to get funded, the market has been waiting for the same shift on the prototyping and manufacturing side.

Now, there is a solution to this issue – MacroFab, which is providing the next generation of Kickstarter manufacturing. MacroFab has realized that the issue separating entrepreneurs from working with traditional manufacturers is technology. The business has established an innovative way to provide the best service to entrepreneurs, that matches how they want to do business, and unsurprisingly Cloud manufacturing is their route of choice.

Cloud manufacturing procides a fast and effective connection between the designer and the manufacturer. Entrepreneurs, makers and small businesses can use self-service software to get instant quotes and leverage the latest technologies in prototyping, manufacturing, fulfillment and delivery. The process of getting an item produced becomes simple – whether you need one or 10,000 units. Designers can upload their specs, manage projects, and MacroFab will handle the manufacturing and fulfillment.

There are countless benefits to this type of model. Prototype development is key for getting a Kickstarter campaign off the ground. With this new model, it is easy to develop a prototype using a cost effective solution.

In the past, turnaround times were slow, and it would take weeks for a product to be ready. During those weeks, the business is at a stand still. Entrepreneurs were unable to market their product or sell it to suppliers. With the new cloud-based manufacturing model, waiting has become a thing of the past. The product is ready to sell on the entrepreneur’s timetable.

Most importantly for all the makers out there trying to take a product from concept to reality the Kickstarter creator remains closely connected to the process. Within the MacroFab application they will be able to see what stage the item is at in production and get updates all in real-time. This has never been possible before.

The best news for Kickstarter creators, or anyone starting a business, is the time they get back for the other myriad of daily tasks involved with trying to get a business of the ground. MacroFab handles the fulfillment, inventory and delivery of the product. This leaves the Kickstarter creator to focus on marketing and selling their vision, and now product, to potential customers.

About MacroFab:

MacroFab is a cloud-enabled electronics manufacturing platform designed to make it easier, faster, and less expensive to get new electronics manufactured while providing complete transparency in the process. MacroFab’s technology takes information directly from the customer, via a modern easy-to-use web interface or via REST APIs, to the manufacturing floor reducing the up-front cost and complexity of getting manufacturing jobs running. All assembly is performed on MacroFab’s automated manufacturing line in Houston, TX.

For Media Contact:
Abel Acuña
1107 Hutchins St.,
Houston, TX 77003
Tel: (713) 300-2591

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