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The Pleasures That Home Automation Can Offer

The Pleasures That Home Automation Can Offer

Home Theatre promises to bring movie halls to homes by providing complete home theatre solutions which include the combined expertise of acoustics experts, audio-visual constructors, networking experts, LED/fibre optic lighting specialists, cinema seating arrangers and even carpenters.

Their work, unlike their name suggests, is not simply limited to home automation. Rather, they, in collaboration with electric engineers and home architects, provide integrated solutions for full-fledged home automation. They incorporate CCTVs, Satellite Television and also remote-controlled light-and-sound systems. With their technology, you can regulate the functions of electrical equipment in your home from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Cinema on the screen is rendered in 2D or 3D, as per your choice.

Their range of products covers audio-visual amplifiers, speakers, remotes and home automation configuration equipment. Multi-room audio solutions offer systems with advanced features which go to make listening to music a more enjoyable experience. Russound, the wireless audio solution brand which is most often procured by Home Theatre, fits its audio apparatus seamlessly with the media products that are already present in the house. You can choose from a variety of audio sources—MP3, CD, DVD, tuners and even iPod.

In the matter of home automation, the company uses control4, which is a very trusted system for automation. By virtue of this system, you would be able to control the lighting, television, fans and all other electrical apparatus from your tablet or mobile phone. You can set a definite time for the lights to go off or get switched back on, as and when you please. Suppose you’re going to a meeting and are going to be late; and there’s nobody else in the house, you can time all or some electrical equipment to remain inactive for a certain amount of time before they switch back on. Or, you can just flip the lights of your house on with a single touch on the remote-control app on your tablet as you approach home. The choice is all yours. With control4 at Home Theatre, you are the absolute master of your home.

And when it comes to home cinema, the choices are even more endless. From choosing the theme and seating arrangements, to the kind of audio-visual player you would prefer—- you have the last word. You mention it, and they have it. If you’re interested, log on to

About Hometheatre: is a home cinema design and home automation company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Singular dedication to client satisfaction is the secret of their success.

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