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The Real Cost of Calling 0845 Telephone Numbers

The Real Cost of Calling 0845 Telephone Numbers

82% people actively avoid calling 0845, 0844 & 0870 numbers.

Potters Bar, England, UK, January 17, 2017 — buzzbox Telecom has revealed the real cost of using 08 telephone numbers in a recent study. The findings were stunning and the UK based firm has recently released the figures.

In the findings of the study, it was discovered that only 30% of respondents knew the cost of calling these non-geographic numbers. Contrary to that, 68% of people surveyed did not know the cost of the numbers they were calling, leaving just 2% who did not care about cost at all.

When asked if respondents preferred calling geographic phone numbers instead of the 08 range of numbers, a staggering 82% answered ‘Yes’ with only 8% responding ‘No’ and the remaining 10% not caring.

The most revealing question asked if respondents actively avoid calling 0845, 0844, 0870 telephone numbers. A shocking 82% said ‘Yes’ with only 18% who said ‘No’.

“The implications these findings have on business are profound” says Stuart Spice, director and founder of buzzbox Telecom. “In today’s competitive market, it is easy to find companies still advertising these 08 numbers which clearly puts them at a major disadvantage with only two people in ten willing to make a call to their business as a result of using an 08 number”

OFCOM, the governing body for the UK telecommunications industry recently changed pricing on 08 numbers, splitting the cost of the call between the telecommunications provider (the access charge) and the cost to provide the service on the end of the line (the service charge) in a bid to make the charges more transparent. “Based on this recent study, the change has had the opposite effect” commented Spice.

About buzzbox Telecom:
Established in 2011, buzzbox Telecom has become a major name in the UK’s Telecom and VoIP sector. The company has been providing phone systems and services to its clients all over the world and has some of the most major brands, companies and corporations in its loyal clientele. The company strives to provide best services to its customers while maintaining the most affordable rates possible.

Stuart Spice is the founder and director of buzzbox. He has worked in the IT and telecoms industry for decades, founding one of the UK’s most innovative and successful web hosting companies – Mr Site Ltd.

For more information visit, email or call +44 (0) 330 122 2230

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