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The Rewards Of Finding Our Family History Can Also Lead To Unexpected Dangers

The Rewards Of Finding Our Family History Can Also Lead To Unexpected Dangers

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Austin, TX – Discovering unexpected passion springing from your own heritage is one of the most satisfying rewards of genealogical research. Braha: A Tale of Innocence and Intrigue is the result of Julie Mangano’s foray into her own family tree, a gripping experience spanning continents and generations.

One reviewer writes: “…fascinating….Meticulously researched and beautifully written. I had trouble putting it down.”  The book trailer, scheduled to be released shortly, will   offer a glimpse into this deeply moving story.

Leena Weiss, a German peasant isolated in feudal Russia, makes a risky connection with an army officer that leads to life on the run, pursued by the secret police. A century later, her great-great-granddaughter Linden discovers an old journal that hurtles her into danger, when layers of clues and secrets surface to expose the connection.

Linden’s explorations of the past reveal that she and her family remain pawns in a deadly game that extends beyond borders and crisscrosses the globe. With rich detail and a feel for drama that rivals classic Russian storytelling, Braha: A Tale of Innocence and Intrigue is a thriller, historical novel and finely-drawn portrait of two women with unshakable and unforgettable personal strength.

Julie Mangano’s appreciation for family stories about her grandparents’ journey from Russia to America came to fruition as she envisioned the historical characters and events in this book, and childhood days at her grandparents’ ranch in Escondido, California inspired one setting in the story. Born and raised in Southern California, she now lives in Round Rock, Texas with her husband. She is working on the sequel to Braha.

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Braha: Tale of Innocence and Intrigue

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ISBN-13:  978-1494943370

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