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The Santa Signal Is Sweeping America

The Santa Signal Is Sweeping America

We all remember saying that we thought we hear sleigh-bells to get our kids to go to bed on Christmas Eve. Some parents have gone so far as to climb up on the roof stomping around in the cold darkness of winter.

Parents and grandparents across the country have found a new and exciting way to get their little ones to go to bed last Christmas without leaving the comfort of their own home. It’s called The Santa Signal and it’s becoming the Christmas device that everyone is talking about.

Southern California based company Tobily, LLC has developed a clever device that attaches magnetically to the inside of the fireplace. The device plays a pre-recorded audio track that sounds like Santa Claus is being heard up on the roof from the fireplace.

As if that weren’t amazing enough, it gets better; when Rudolph looks down the chimney to see if all the kids have gone to bed, his bright red nose will light up the inside of the fireplace. For safety, The Santa Signal is equipped with a motion sensor that will remind the user to remove the device before using their fireplace again.

Tobily president, Erik Knear stated, “Each year, we receive dozens of letters and emails from parents telling us how excited their children were to hear Santa.”

When asked about the future of The Santa Signal, Erik responded, “We are improving on our success by creating a new version of The Santa Signal with a USB input. This will allow parents to upload new audio tracks and also tracks with their own child’s name.” He continued, “You can imagine how difficult it can be to create a track with every child’s name. Fortunately, we have been working with World Wide Web Worx and Connex Info Systems to help take on this daunting task.”

“Technology aside, the main purpose of The Santa Signal will always be to create magical Christmas memories for families all around the world.” Erik explains, “The whole reason for any of this is to give parents one more memory of a time when their little one was full of awe and wonder. These kids will grow up soon enough… Even sooner by today’s standards. Let’s make this brief period of time as magical as possible.”

As The Santa Signal grows in popularity, more and more parents will be able to experience the magic of Christmas through their child’s eyes.

To learn more about The Santa Signal, please visit  . For inquiries, please contact Tobily, LLC at (714) 673-8215 or email at



Company: Tobily, LLC
Contact: Erik M. Knear
Address: 20530 Anza Avenue #177 Torrance, CA 90503
Telephone: 714.673.8215

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