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‘The Singing Guru’ introduces readers to the power of spiritual awakening

‘The Singing Guru’ introduces readers to the power of spiritual awakening

Known for her extraordinary literary skills, Kamla, a highly sought after Sikh writer around the world is getting ready for the big launch of her next book, ‘The Singing Guru’ this month.

The book is Kamla’s take on a new approach to learning about the divine presence. Her book is not run of the mill by any stretch of imagination; it is far more riveting; it offers a fresh perspective in the journey to understanding spirituality and its role in everyday life.

As a writer, Kamla takes her inspiration from her experiences in life as she talks about how her second guide, Guru Nanak through his presence has always offered her guidance and support.

This is why her books, the ‘The Singing Guru’ as well as ‘Ganesha Goes to Lunch’ give readers a peek into the objective side of religion and spirituality which are often absent in other forms of spiritual interpretations and preaching.

Also, Kamla empowers readers to look at the subject with the hope of seeking the ultimate divine intervention which has in many instances helped her stand tall, dust it off and move on in life to rise up stronger.

About The Singing Guru:

The Singing Guru, by Kamla K. Kapur follows the narration of the writer who, through her experiences tells the tale of the power of the divine presence of Guru Nanak.

At the same time, the prose also offers a keen insight into the role of nature, the harmony of the soul and the mind achieved through music, all working together with the almighty to guide an individual by hand and lead him/her on the path to wisdom. It is therefore, a must read!

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