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The Trendy Bed Introduces “Your Way, Your Style, Your Choice”

The Trendy Bed Introduces “Your Way, Your Style, Your Choice”

The Trendy Bed, a company dedicated to providing one-of-a-kind bedding for every need, introduces “Your Way, Your Style, Your Choice” for customers who want to order custom comforters and other bedding items.

The Trendy Bed is offering “Your Way, Your Style, Your Choice” as a brand for unique, one-of-a-kind custom bedding. Customers can choose custom drop bed skirts, custom-sized duvets, custom-sized comforters and other bedding items in a wide range of selected fabrics and colors to personalize their bedding choices.

Since 2008, The Trendy Bed has been creating custom two-tone, reversible comforters such as combinations of red and blue or Bridal Satin and Velvet. These custom bedding pieces are made to order and can be created in any combination of color or style to suit the customer’s preference. The Trendy Bed also offers custom sheets, including fitted top sheets that stay in place even with restless sleepers, and single pieces to complete any bedding ensemble such as king-size pillow cases for a queen-size bed.

“Your Way, Your Style, Your Choice,” has become the brand identifier for The Trendy Bed because it explains the variety of ways in which customers can order bedding. “I chose to create custom bedding because I have had the experience of being unable to find a bed skirt for my son’s dorm room as well as other custom pieces of bedding,” says creator Cathy Campbell. “The goal of The Trendy Bed is to provide our customers with as much choice as possible so that they can truly create unique and personalized bedding ensembles without the hassle of buying unnecessary pieces or settling for colors or textures they do not want.”

The Trendy Bed, as seen at , offers customers the chance to find that one-of-a-kind bedding piece that is not available in stores. With the “Your Way, Your Style, Your Choice” options, customers can choose from comforters, duvet covers, sheets and pillow cases, patchwork quilts, bedspreads and coverlets as well as crib and toddler bedding and teen and dorm collections.

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About The Trendy Bed:

The Trendy Bed is a company that specializes in custom bedding options for adults, teens and children include sheets, pillowcases, comforters and bed skirts. The company’s motto is “Your Way, Your Style, Your Choice” to indicate the variety of options available to customers.

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Cathy Campbell
The Trendy Bed
6820 Knightsbridge Court
Eastvale, California 92880
(877) 859-9835

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