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The Truth Behind the Need for Personal Development

The Truth Behind the Need for Personal Development

13, October 2015: A recent article published on the Globe and Mail website has suggested that a sense of guilt is among the greatest motivators for individuals to turn their lives around. “Guilt has this function of reminding you that you can do much better,” stated Thomas Allard, a doctoral candidate in marketing and behavioral science at UBC, and lead author of the research study. “It can be motivating.”

Self Improvement

Whilst some marketing strategists utilize this method as a reason to sell more of their own books, Peter Halm, official spokesperson for Andy Shaw’s self-development series, “A Bug Free Mind” has actually disagreed, recommending that utilizing this method to offer self development programs defeats the point of them completely. He specifies that self-development books need to be welcomed by the user, not serve as a one-stop shop for a guilty conscience.

During a recent interview, Halm stated, “Whilst some companies may concentrate on advising individuals just how much they ate over the Christmas period in order to shift fitness stocks, or healthy fad-diet books, psychological self improvement books just could not work that way. Take Andy Shaw’s series for instance – this series would not be designed for those who simply want to feel better about themselves for a few days. It’s created to end up being a friend to life in order to achieve inner peace and psychological stability.”

A Bug Free Mind” works in a series of chapters and videos in order to release the user from the mess that has smashed their confidence, preventing them from sleeping peacefully at night. By understanding and eliminating the bugs that constantly produce shadows in an individual’s mind, Andy Shaw proves that everyone can live the serine life that they so desire, no matter what course they have currently trodden.

“With amazing reviews pouring in from over 130 nations every day,” Halm continues, “it’s simple to see that this program isn’t just a quick option to a short-lived glimpse of guilt developed by an excellent marketing project.”

John P Vickers for instance mentioned, “Written from a personal perspective and with a no-nonsense, non-American design, this was as refreshing as it was full of impact. If you are ready to have your life changed for the better but have actually questioned why you never seemed to prosper where others were, this is the book for you”, whilst Blythe explained, “This book is not one to put on the shelf. It is to be checked out daily, and soaked up and thought about. If you want a fast repair, move on to the next book (and the next …). This is about setting the foundation for the rest of your life and can not be rushed. Challenging but enjoyable and insightful.”

If you’re thinking about permanently altering your life for the better, the first five chapters of “A Bug Free Mind” are offered to download totally free from Andy Shaw’s business website

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