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The Ultimate Fiverr Blueprint Is Here!

The Ultimate Fiverr Blueprint Is Here!

Lagos, Nigeria, 16, November 2015: At long last! The Ultimate Fiverr Blueprint is here! So, if you have been looking for a way to make money from Fiverr, your dream is about to come true.

Kome Itoje, author and publisher, announced over the weekend the launch of his latest work on the subject of how to make money from fiverr . It is a 62-page ebook which is titled: “How To Earn $100 Daily From Fiverr – The Easy Way And The Hard Way!”

Speaking in an exclusive interview, Kome Itoje, revealed that he decided to write this book after he spent two years as a seller on Fiverr and realized how difficult it was to make money on the site. He also observed how the Fiverr website and user interface witnessed a drastic change within a few years and it became increasingly difficult for new sellers to do business on Fiverr.

He spoke further: “Through my personal experience on Fiverr and after observing other sellers – top rated sellers, level 2 sellers and even the no-rated new sellers – I came to understand that many people work so hard on Fiverr without receiving the commensurate remuneration for their hard work.”

“When I started out on Fiverr, I did not find it easy landing my first sale or getting that initial crucial 100% rating and positive feedback. With no proper guidance, I simply stumbled around the site and tried to figure out things for myself. Eventually, I made my first sale on Fiverr after two weeks of signing up and became a level 2 seller after 6 months of joining the site (and that translated to 50 sales of my gigs and $200 in total revenue).”

“Unbelievable! But, that is the sad story of many sellers on Fiverr. It eventually struck me that many level 2 sellers will never hit the $1,000 mark in revenue even after one year of becoming sellers on Fiverr. Why? The simple reason is that they do not sell the right services, and even if they do, their services are too competitive. And as for those who are in the right niche and sell services that are in constant demand, their gigs do not have the proper description and relevant tags, or they are in the wrong category and sub-category.”

“Additionally, I also discovered that there is a hard way and an easy way of making money on Fiverr, lazily, leisurely and effortlessly. No one said that making money on Fiverr (or even online for that matter) has to be hard to do. You only need to work smart and make more money on Fiverr for less work. But, sadly, the majority of sellers on Fiverr are using the hard way to make money on Fiverr.”

Consequently, the book is an answer to the challenges that new sellers and even the old ones are having regarding doing business effectively on Fiverr. According to Kome Itoje, “How To Earn $100 Daily From Fiverr – The Easy Way And The Hard Way!” is the ultimate newbie’s companion as it contains over 20 hot strategies to use to move up from a “no-rated” new seller to a top rated seller on Fiverr within as little as 3 months of joining the site.

He further stated thatthe book reveal 5 hot niches as well as over 10 hot services that new sellers can adopt for their Fiverr business. Additionally, the book also helps new sellers overcome buyer discrimination by revealing some hot strategies to use to get an order within 2 hours of setting up your gigs and also get the initial crucial 100% rating and positive feedbacks from your buyers.

Here are the comments of some reviewers of the book.

Quotes from other readers:

“’How To Earn $100 Daily From Fiverr by Kome Itoje’ is awesome. It is presented in a really simple manner that even a teenager can understand. And the strategies in the book are really easy to implement. So, if you are looking for a way to make money from Fiverr, I would strongly recommend that you read this book first!” – Susanne Wright, Ontario, Canada.

“There are so many books that have been written on the subject of how to make money online. But, there is none to compare with the ebook ‘How To Earn $100 Daily From Fiverr’ by Kome Itoje. Filled with easy to understand pictorial illustrations, the book is truly a newbie’s delight. Honestly, you will surely be amazed at the many easy strategies in the book. Believe me. The book will take you from being a no-rated new seller to a top rated seller within a few weeks. I strongly recommend it to everyone who desires to make money on Fiverr.” – Claire Simpson, Australia.

“This is by far the best book ever written on the subject. Not only is the content absolutely stunning, itis also well written and organized in a very logical manner. Oftentimes, I find business books can be a chore to read, however, you will find no such problems here… This book will give you the tools and the mindset to create enormous wealth!” – Raphael Anioba, Principal Accountant, Delta, Nigeria.

“Kome is an honest, sincere, genuine, reliable and hardworking man who always delivers on his promises. He is indeed in his own league, a jack of all trade who takes his business seriously. His informational products are what every aspiring internet marketer should have in his collections as they provide the right foundation for starting out in operating a successful online business.” Emeke Ijebor, (CNA), Principal Audit Officer, Delta State, Nigeria

It is obvious from the foregoing that “How To Earn $100 Daily From Fiverr – The Easy Way And The Hard Way” will help internet marketing enthusiasts achieve their dream of making money from Fiverr, “easily, leisurely and effortlessly” – in the words of its author.

Kome Itoje is an expert author with and has published many books on the subject of making money online. He is MD/CEO of Komebiz International, a business entity that is legally registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria. He also has – the official website of this new and awesome e-book. He also has several other websites.

The book was published in June 2015 and a free download is available at the website –

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