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Third Eye Live Introduces Unique Psychic Services

Third Eye Live Introduces Unique Psychic Services

Third Eye Live offers traditional psychic readings but is also the only psychic service that offers Personalized Spell Candles and a Daily Update email for all customers.

Third Eye Live has gathered spiritually anointed seers with gifts for prophecy into one of the strongest Psychic networks in existence. Now, the group is offering not only traditional tarot card readings but also Personalized Spell Candles and a Daily Update email for all customers, something that other online psychic websites do not offer. This group also works with customers in a much more meaningful way than many online psychic websites. Instead of the typical broad-based readings, Third Eye Live offers more specific readings tailored to individual needs through a variety of communication methods, including online and by phone.

In addition to a free tarot card reading online, Third Eye Live also offers other benefits. Thousands of people seek the insightfulness of the Psychics that are part of this group because they understand how important it is to choose those who deliver amazingly accurate readings about work, family and money issues in addition to relationship questions.

As part of the network of online psychics found at http://www.thirdeyelive.com , these Psychics offer traditional readings. Third Eye Live also offers Personalized Spell candles as seen at http://www.thirdeyelive.com/spell-candles/ and a Daily Update email to keep customers up-to-date on all developments.

With accurate, empathetic readers as seen at http://www.thirdeyelive.com/readers/ , customers can choose a psychic with confidence. Further, Third Eye Live offers online feedback on all Psychic Readers. This feedback is made available to customers so that they can choose the right reader for their own needs. Phone calls are also available with Call Back service that allows Psychics to call customers at their convenience. All readings are safe and private.

For more information see http://newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00087502-third-eye-live-introduces-unique-psychic-services.html

About Third Eye Live: Third Eye Live has developed a reputation and grown in popularity as the result of helping those who are seeking advice on a wide variety of topics. With thousands of confirmed readings and transactions, customers have come to trust Third Eye Live as a resource for personal advice and enlightenment.

For More Information:
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Third Eye Live
1234 Calabasas Avenue
Calabasas, CA 91302
(888) 234-5678

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