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Thony Anyiam’s Thermoa Voice Smart Temperature And Time Watch

Thony Anyiam’s Thermoa Voice Smart Temperature And Time Watch

Introducing Thony Anyiam’s Thermoa Voice Smart Watch. The first voice indoor and outdoor temperature, time and date watch. The patent pending watch will announce in voice and digital display the current indoor or outdoor temperature and time wherever the wearer is or when needed.

Bladensburg, MD, May 29, 2015 — Anyiams Thermoa watch with temperature, time, and date announces current indoor or outdoor temperature in voice and digital display wherever and whenever the talk button is pressed, and on the hour.

Thermoa watch is a welcome addition for the visual and hearing impaired, parents, hikers, travelers, watch collectors, and general population.

The current temperature is close to you as on your wrist, pocket or purse. No need to turn on your phone, computer, radio or television to check the current temperature, and time.

Even in the dark, you have a choice of audio or voice announcement of current temperature or display in clear, bold digital letters the current temperature, and time with a press of the talk button.

The patent pending watch comes in both male and female designs, slickly designed with sky blue LCD screen display readable even under bright daytime sunlight.

No longer have to guess when to turn on or off the heater or air conditioner. One of many features; A special alarm feature will alert the wearer when set temperature falls below a set degree (cold) or rises above a set degree (hot).

Your choice of current time, day and temperature announcement in any of the major languages such as English, Spanish, Japanese, French, Mandarin, Italian, Portuguese, Cantonese, and Swahili.

The inventor, fame, fashion designer Thony C. Anyiam of Anyiams Creations International said it’s a lifelong dream in the works for years. Thony Anyiam is known in the fashion industry as the pioneer of modern African inspired (Afrocentric) bridal and formal wear designs for both male and female. Mr. Anyiam author a style and information book titled: Jumping the broom in style: A collection of style and information for the entire wedding party. His notable creations include a line of men’s no necktie dress shirts look from his “Alite “ Collection, Avant-Garde line, Nations Flag Neckties and Scarves , African inspired bridal line and much more. You can see his collection online at He designs under the label: Thony Anyiam, and Anyiams.

Mr. Anyiam’s other inventions in the works include: Roadside Assistance and American football made easy.

Mr. Anyiam is seeking to sell, license, manufacturing and distribution of his invention. He will only respond to serious inquiries only.

Thony Anyiam
Anyiams Creations International
5314 Annapolis Road
Bladensburg, MD 20710, USA
Phone: 301-277-5789

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