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Tipsters Announces Launch Of One Of A Kind Betting Tipster Site

Tipsters Announces Launch Of One Of A Kind Betting Tipster Site

Playing the Horses or betting a football game can really do one in if they depend on a sports tipster and the tips lead to only losing bets or breaking even.  When betting is important, people want leads they can trust from reputable sources.  Now one very unique website is bringing the idea of transparency and trust to the world of sports book.  Tipters Review ( ) has just launched as the place to go to check out the sports tipster BEFORE taking their word on it.

At Tipster Reviews, visitors to the website may leave reviews and ratings on horse racing, football and sports tipsters that they have followed. In this way, when new visitors come to the website looking for a tipster to follow, they can see the opinions that others have left when making a decision on who they want to follow.

For those wondering what kinds of information they will be able to learn about a Bookmaker from a review, all Tipster Reviews will consider items such as the quality of markets, their promotions, whether they provide free bet offers, the value of prices, the stakes allowed, the ease of use, and then customer service.

For instance, after 70 reviews and counting, the highest rated and reviewed Tipster on the site to date is BetAlchemist.  Here is a typical review of the Tipster Nicky:

“Early days,” states BetAlchemist reviewer, Steve W, “but very encouraged by results and approach. Text alerts would be an added bonus. Slightly worried that his popularity will mean more members and consequently impact on the payout prices but unlike most other services, he focuses on higher class racing so prices are more resilient. With bookies increasingly barring punters who follow successful tipsters like him, there’s still a risk that amateurs will hammer the exchanges when liquidity is low causing prices to be slashed.”

Honest reviews for transparent bets and higher profit margins.  With Tipster reviews it will be so much harder to lose at the races.

For more information, visit

Company Name: Tipsters Review
Address: Barrow-in-furness, Cumbria, England

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