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toFriend Au Pair offers budget-friendly youth exchange programs for foreign nationals

toFriend Au Pair offers budget-friendly youth exchange programs for foreign nationals

China; 26, October 2015: Many people residing in different countries have intentions of exploring China. Some of them would like to study, live and work in the country which is regarded as one of the best countries to live peacefully. toFriend Au Pair China is an agency helping them to turn their dreams into reality. Through a youth exchange program, the eligible candidates get a unique opportunity to reside in work in different cities. It includes Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Qingdao, etc.

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The foreign nationals selected for this youth exchange program work as language tutor to children with a host family. They can speak English or their native language and even engage in a number of activities. It includes playing music, painting, drawing, walking, cycling and many more. Free of cost accommodation is also provided along with benefits like regular meals, paid vacation, cash allowances, trip flights, etc as per certain terms and conditions. Au Pair in China helps in grabbing attractive employment opportunities with decent salary package.

Eligible candidates get to explore the 5000 years old Chinese history, culture and traditions. Living abroad also gives them more confidence on their abilities. Apart from learning to prepare Chinese food, they can also invest some time from regular schedule to learn Kung Fu. They’ll be able to directly communicate with people of different nationalities. Not only will it expand their network but also help in exploring better opportunities.

The au pair Chinese study program allows the foreign nationals to learn Chinese language courses completely free of cost. It is paid by the host family and the lessons would be conducted by a private tutor in a comfortable setting at a university or an institute. There are also cultural events organized which allows candidates to directly interact with many people and make friends. This exposure makes the candidates ready to face the bigger challenges.

In China, there are several well educated and respected middle class families willing to secure the future of their children. They do it by hiring a language tutor which aims to improve their children’s quality of education. In order to apply for the cultural exchange program, the candidate needs to fulfill certain criteria. It includes age between 17 to 29 years and a fluency in speaking the English language. No criminal record, passionate towards teaching and a willingness to teach children are other requisites for the position. Open minded individuals with proper communication and interpersonal skills are welcome to try out.

About toFriend Au Pair China agency:

toFriend Au Pair China agency is a well known entity helping foreign nationals to try out their luck in China. It helps in getting admission into a youth exchange program to explore the culture, study, live and work with a decent pay package. Visit the website for more information on the services offered.

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