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Tolstoy portrait and Wheat Field with Reaper from cheap canvas prints online supplier

Tolstoy portrait and Wheat Field with Reaper from cheap canvas prints online supplier

China – The Tolstoy portrait was the famous masterpiece of the great Russia oil painting artist Repin who created this painting at 1887. Now, this oil painting was stored at the Art Museum of Cardiff. The cheap canvas print for this famous masterpiece are also very collective.

According to the historical record, the relationship between Tolstoy and Repin was always very good and their friendship had kept about 30 years. Repin painted many portraits painting of Tolstoy but this one could be regarded as the most outstanding one.

The painting recorded the instant of Tolstoy¡¯s reading process. It seemed that some interesting thing was attracting this writer¡¯s attention. The wise and far sighted eyesight of this writer look straight to far away distance and avoid contact with audience. This attitude is the perfectly performance of the centralized thinking process. On the composition and use of color, this famous masterpiece is very concise and plain. From the writer¡¯s face, Repin seemed to find a strong and noble man who was also the demeanor Earl with the elegant aristocratic. The Tolstoy¡¯s elegant posture and proud and sharp eyes could get the admiration of each people who see this painting. The complexity deep psychological depiction for this world famous writer was all displayed onto this painting.

The second one is Van Gogh¡¯s famous painting which name is ¡°Wheat Field with Reaper¡± that created at 1889. Now, this oil painting is stored at Museum in Amsterdam. The historical records tell people that this oil painting was created by Van Gogh in the psychiatric nursing hospital of France. At that time, he always copied some of his favorite artists¡¯ works and there were only a few of painting of his own creations and this is one of his own creations at that time. In this painting, people could see the sun like a large egg and the sky show with people the color of little hair green. The hills in the painting are covered with the blue color. From low to high, the hill is pulled into a slash and there are several sparse houses sit around the hill. Large area of golden wheat is rolled by the blowing of wind. Only one person is wielding the sickle for harvest.

As the introduction of artist from famous canvas print supplier online seller , this painting should be the most remarkable representative of Van Gogh¡¯s abstract painting style. The strokes into this painting are very simple which include straight lines, dots and circles. These reapers are even very ugly from the appearance. However, the color of this painting is so strong. The golden wave of grains is very beautiful with the reflection of the blue hills and the dark wheat fields.


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