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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Chose Digital Signage over Video Streaming on YouTube or Vimeo

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Chose Digital Signage over Video Streaming on YouTube or Vimeo

Many businesses and individuals alike have at one time or another come into contact with one or a number of video streaming sites like YouTube and Vimeo. The popularity of these streaming sites owes to the fact that visual media is increasingly central to delivery of a successful communication or marketing strategy. As humans, we’re preconditioned to watch visual media. Visual media is so effective it increases engagement 70% over other conventional means.

Video streaming sites introduce the added benefit of online visual media that’s increasingly social. While online video streaming is a proven success in delivering many businesses’ marketing and communication campaigns, few in the business world have attempted to replicate such success using digital signage which happens to be able to deliver over and above those very benefits.

Many top and savvy businesses have used digital signage to great success and truly understand its great appeal in delivering both internal/onsite and public communications and advertisements.
The video streaming sites like YouTube, Vimeo and others are continually pushing the limits to what online video can offer to businesses. At the same time, online digital signage has remained largely an exclusive affair to the big and powerful entities if not obscure.

This has not been helped partly due to the misconceptions surrounding digital signage not least the fear that a particular set of skills is required to deploy digital signage. And yet we enjoy it ever more when we stroll through large malls/shopping centres or on major inner city roads when digital messages are delivered to passers-by remotely and instantly in glorifying beauty.

Today, Joas Serugga Founder and CEO LubeStudio, a recently launched cloud based social digital signage software discusses the benefits of the Right Digital Signage as an ultimate tool in online visual media essential to any business Marketing and Branding strategy over Online Videos and Offline Media

Showcasing Talent and Uniqueness

This is an area where probably online video streaming has for long been known to have an edge over conventional advertising. A company story can be told in as little as 6 seconds though more commonly in 30 seconds. The process most often can involve detailed and sometimes protracted planning while at other times using third party software to edit and produce the great clips that businesses have to upload to any streaming platform most commonly YouTube or Vimeo. These clips can be an easy tool in communicating the business’ USP or talent whatever it may be. But that in most cases seems to be the end of the story and all businesses can do is wait for the success or failure of that particular campaign.

Digital Signage however can be a wonderful tool in extracting a lot more engagement and ability to still fine tune the campaign to deliver it correctly to the target base. In content video can not only be a good way to schedule various edited videos from your streaming sites but also a nice way to mix video with instant messaging as part of the campaign. An estate agency can for example have within the digital signage screens scenes with a mix of video, text or images. These videos can be from cross platforms ensuring every opportunity for the business. Every single communication then becomes a potential to customers within the very same screens. Most of all, morning communications can be tailored to morning viewership while something more fit for the afternoon can equally be scheduled without any issues.
Potential to Go Viral

This is perhaps the every business’ intention and goal when investing in a visual media. Visual media always carries the inherent potential to go viral which can help businesses reap even more benefits from their campaigns. This potential for visual media is however not just limited to video streaming. When people will visit visual media be it video or digital signage they will more likely engage with it through likes, comments or recommendations. All these features are supported in video streaming sites in as much the same way as modern digital signage platforms. This engagement can have the potential to go viral which for many businesses can be a first break in the online world.

Delivering an eye catching offer on digital screens with an embedded video clip can instantly gain a loyal following for a restaurant for example. This can in turn translate into real following both online and offline where discussion can continue on to help you grab some traction on your business’ offering.

Free to Advertise Your Business

Again something that’s synonymous with majority video streaming sites. But many digital signage platoforms have equally free packages LuBeStudio and Digital Signage are some of the many out there. While video may require some skills in editing using some third party software, digital signage can be surprisingly quick with no skills required whatsoever. Using the free to use templates ensures that turnaround times for digital signage can be quicker than in any other online or offline visual media.

With video, once edited all you can do is upload it, sit back and hope for the best. Digital Media Signage on the other hand can not only be extremely flexible to accommodate any changes at any time that may come needed; but can also be highly bespoke to incorporate company branding in much the same way as videos but with the added benefit of being able to update any communications on it, something that’s not easily done on videos without third party software and certainly not in print media. This can deliver huge cost savings to businesses if planned out correctly.

Your Customer is a modern Consumer

The changing consumer behaviour most probably means online Digital Media will take preference to video streaming going forwards. The advent of social media means that businesses have to constantly review their marketing strategies more regularly than ever before. Customers are ever more expecting a bespoke service as evidence from scholars of experiential marketing point out. Videos will be shared on social media and streaming platforms and these can rightly generate engagement from a company’s existing and prospective customer base.

Digital signage can however take all this to a whole new level all together. The Lubestudio player can for example be installed as a Tab on a company Facebook page in much the same way as YouTube tabs. The ability to schedule information, change or delete obsolete information on the whim however means this engagement can be kept up even when the world is sleeping away in the deep hours of the night something that’s fundamental to the needs of the modern consumer. This fusion of online visual media with social media takes the whole engagement process to a new level.

Automation not only saves time, but it can also help businesses with instant and relevant up to date communication often from cross platform sources via APIs that we see in many digital signage platforms. Relevance of the communication has taken on new forms. Digital signage has this inherent ability to fuse modern computing technologies with visual communications. “What businesses need is simple yet very effective and powerful set of tools to take the hassle away from creative delivery of visual media.” LubeStudio’s Founder and CEO Joas Serugga says. “That will undouble mean a complex APIs relations for visual media platforms relaying relevant data instantly to the viewers” he adds. These are clearly benefits that can only be enjoyed with an advanced digital signage software while video can constraint these possibilities.

Keep Personal separate from business

The mix of casual and business on streaming sites can sometimes blur the lines between personal and business lives. This can particularly seem overwhelming for many business managers experience shows. The fact that it’s free to all to upload any content, spamming can be a particularly challenging problem on some video streaming sites. The social digital signage platforms like Lubestudio tend to attract a screened out customer base that’s relevant and most probably will convert.

All the while, you still get the best of both worlds albeit more in the business world. Sharing favourite digital screens and other content between friends, commenting, rating, recommending chatting and messaging still remain all part of the social experience. That ensures that in addition to businesses delivering bespoke digital signage for their brands, they still receive instant feedback from their campaigns through on platform chat and messaging possible ensuring managers continue to fine tune their communications to the needs of their customers.

About Joas Serugga:
Joas Serugga is the founder and CEO of Manchester based LubeStudio an innovative platform for delivery of social digital signage for businesses through a customisable cross platform HTML player. LubeStudio player offers infinite possibilities for integration and customisation including installation as a Facebook Tab. LubeStudio helps businesses deliver quick messaging across various social media helping businesses schedule delivery of status updates to both Twitter and Facebook social media platforms to help keep up engagement.

Contact: Joas Serugga
Email: info@lubestudio.com
Telephone: 01706559645
Web: www.lubestudio.com

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