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Top NYC Cosmetic Dentist Comments on Study Finding US Teeth No Better than UK Teeth

Top NYC Cosmetic Dentist Comments on Study Finding US Teeth No Better than UK Teeth

02, February 2016: For the last century, it has been widely believed that American teeth are better than English teeth and it has become commonplace for popular culture to poke fun at this assumption. However, up until recently, there hadn’t been a study carried out that directly compared the levels of oral health between the two countries. The complete study can be found at http://www.bmj.com/content/351/bmj.h6543.

The study was conducted by a research team based in both the US and the UK, assessing adults aged 25 or older. The study found the mean number of missing teeth was higher at 7.31 in the US compared to the UK at 6.97. In people aged between 25 and 64, Americans had lost almost an extra tooth compared to Brits. However, the figures for those aged 65 and older showed that Americans had lost an average of just under 12 teeth, compared to an average of 13 in the UK. Researchers pointed out that there are different levels of access to treatment services between the two countries as the UK provides heavily subsidized essential dental care through its National Health Service while not everyone in the US has dental insurance.

One thing that Dr. Epelboym is keen to point out is that the study didn’t assess the importance of dental aesthetics in improving oral health. As one of the leading Cosmetic Dentist Brooklyn, Dr. Epelboym sees an increasing number of patients who are interested in whitening or straightening their teeth and in generally improving their appearance.

Wanting to visit the dentist rather than waiting for problems to develop can greatly benefit dental health, as increased contact with a dental clinic creates far better opportunities for dentists to detect any dental problems and to educate patients on the importance of preventative dentistry in having an attractive smile. The dentist in Brooklyn and his dental team always stress upon the vital role of preventative dentistry to all patients visiting the practice, particularly as good dental health is the best way to maintain and prolong the results of cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Dmitry Epelboym has more than twenty years’ experience in providing the very latest dental care to patients in NYC. During his career, the Brooklyn dentist has published numerous articles in professional journals and has been involved in designing cosmetic dentistry procedures and implant techniques both in the US and in Europe.

About Dr. Dmitry Epelboym:

Cosmetic Dentistry Center was established by Dr. Dmitry Epelboym in 1992. The Center is the preeminent practice for Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry in Brooklyn. They foster an environment that offers patients a sense of health and wellness by providing them with the best overall quality of care and experience available in Cosmetic Dentistry.

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