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Top NYC Periodontist Issues Reminder for People Planning Self Improvements for 2016

Top NYC Periodontist Issues Reminder for People Planning Self Improvements for 2016

03, December 2015: It is nearly time for New Year’s resolutions, many of which will center on self-improvement, but an periodontist in NYC is reminding patients of the importance of a healthy smile.


At this time of year many New Yorkers will neglect their dental health, perhaps because they are too busy or simply don’t realize the importance of a nice smile. Instead they will think about ways to improve their appearance and perhaps general health and losing weight is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. However suffering from bad teeth or poor gum health, or having teeth that are missing can not only affect appearance by also general health.

This is the message Dr. NavidRahmani, a highly experienced and well-respected periodontist would like people to consider at this time of year. His dental office, Contemporary Periodontics & Implant Surgery in Midtown, NYC often sees patients with advanced gum disease, or who have lost teeth as a result of this condition. Losing teeth can be embarrassing, particularly as an attractive smile is seen as a sign of good health but also increases the risk of poor general health.

As a specialist in gum health, Dr. Rahmani is able to provide the most advance laser gum disease treatment in NYC, restore dental health and smiles, often with the use of dental implants. His dental office is equipped with the most up-to-date technology, offering the most advanced solutions to periodontal disease and for tooth loss. This is a great time of year for resolving to have better dental health into 2016, or to think about replacing lost teeth with the latest dental implant technology.

People are invited to book a periodontal evaluation with Dr. Rahmani to find out about the very best and most comfortable treatments for periodontal disease. People with missing teeth can book an initial consultation to find out more about treatment with dental implants. The office website also has a huge amount of information about periodontal disease and treatments, and about the use of dental implants.

About Dr. Rahmani and Contemporary Periodontics & Implant Surgery

Dr. NavidRahmaniis the principal dentist at this dental office and is an extremely well-qualified and experienced periodontist, specializing in treating gum problems and in placing dental implants. Dr. Rahmani is passionate about good periodontal health and aims for all patients visiting the office to realize the benefits of healthy and aesthetically pleasing smiles. Dr. Rahmani has invested heavily in the latest diagnostic equipment, as well as in laser dentistry to offer patients a more comfortable experience. Dr. Rahmani is affiliated with a number of professional dental organizations and has held teaching appointments in dentistry.

As a highly trained periodontist, Dr. Rahmani is committed to offering his patients the very latest laser treatment for gum disease, best treatments. He regularly invests in new equipment and in ongoing training to ensure that all procedures, including laser dentistry are completely safe.

Contemporary Periodontics & Implant Surgery is conveniently located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, NYC.

Professional affiliations:

* American Dental Association
* American Academy of Periodontology
* New York State Dental Association
* New York County Dental Society
* Academy of Osseointegration
* Northeast Society of Periodontists

For Media Contact:
Dr. Navid Rahmani
Contemporary Periodontics and Implant Surgery Center
225 East 64th St, Ste 1
New York, NY 10065
(212) 644-4477
Google Plus:

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