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Top NYC PR Firm, the Woods & Co. gets astounding review from CNN’s Kari Pricher

Top NYC PR Firm, the Woods & Co. gets astounding review from CNN’s Kari Pricher

New York; 19, September 2015: CNN’s National Broadcast Producer, Kari Pricher had nothing but positives to report about The Woods & Co. She claimed that the people working at the firm are thorough “pros” and experts at what they do. She had a great time working with the time and particularly praised the pitches provided by the firm as being “on target” all the time. Since she also is a part of Good Morning America, she also invited the leader of the firm, Susan, on the show. If one really wants to learn more about Top PR Firms in NYC, The Woods & Co. is the place to start. Anyone who can impress a national level producer and broadcaster is definitely not to be taken lightly.

Kari Pricher is not the only one to have praised the firm. A number of others have had great things to say about it. Helen Taschian, from Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog, reported that the PR firm is full of people with great communicators, who genuinely believe in long-term relationships. Sarah McNamara from Sarah McNamara Beauty New York reported that the team has been a huge factor in the great success she has experienced in the Big City lately. She also reported on their clever ability to make long-term relationships. The HairMax Team claims that the people at the PR firm have made a solid effort and that their whole team is immensely pleased with the great results they have experienced. Many have also spoken out in praise of the Lifestyle PR firm at the Woods & Co.

Woods & Co. is actually a quite well-known brand in New York City. They specialize in handling the PR for beauty, fitness and health firms. They also provide marketing services and have an experienced and immensely talented team that has been operational for the past fifteen years. They have devised various methods to develop marketing platforms that are cost-effective and strategic at the same time. They aim to increase brand awareness, gain the brand more respect in the industry and increase distribution opportunities. They have proven methods that work towards increasing sales and ROI. They cater to both regional and national demands alike. They have developed a respectable reputation for innovation, imagination and building lasting relationships.

About us:

The Woods & Co. have long been considered innovative geniuses in the field of PR, especially when it comes to beauty, health and fitness. They boast of having catered to some of the biggest names in NYC.

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The Woods and Co.
59 East 54th Street, Suite 93
New York, 10022

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