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Top Quality Dream Car In About Four Weeks Imported Form Uk

Top Quality Dream Car In About Four Weeks Imported Form Uk

All our cars are vetted against UK transport government and vehicle agencies. The mechanical, electrical and body condition are checked by specialist mechanics to ensure our high standards are adhered to. All the cars are of showroom standards and have quality high above that required by Kenya Bureau of Standards, KBS. Our pre inspection certification is done by QISJ a licenced agent of KBS.

European Union has very high manufacturing standards for car build quality, resilience, safety and reliability that can not be matched by Japanese and all Asian imports. car shipping to kenya You can never go wrong with a UK car import.

An issue that is no longer a problem in UK is rust due to snow. Global warming has virtually eliminated all snow in winter on UK roads and salt is hardly used on the roads. The mileage on all cars is genuine as verified against manufactures service history and government transport agencies. A lot of fake importers adjust mileages and even use fraudulent means to steal from unsuspecting buyers.

There has always been different opinions on how much miles a car should have when buying. A cars condition is depedeant on how it is serviced and maintained. Regular servicing and maintenance can keep a car going for several decades as is evident with vintage cars. Buying low mileage Car imports to kenya ( below 59,000 miles) is expensive. Average mileage cars ( below 119,000) are more affordable and in high standards and condition.

USA residents with Kenyan passports are now able to import into Kenya a car duty free every two years. They can import right hand cars immediately after buying as long as they have been outside Kenya for two years. It does not mater if they are visiting Kenya and go back to the US. They should have been physical present in Kenya for more than 90 days in the three year period in the two year period.. We are able to source such cars for US residents, buy, ship, clear with customs and deliver to their preferred destination any where in Kenya. Our service is professional with high customer care standards. Contact us for any questions you may have.

You can now drive your top quality dream car in about four weeks imported form UK and delivered to your door without you lifting a finger. KentvUK.com Auto importers in Essex,  UK and Nairobi have been importing cars for years and have simplified the importation process so all you have to do is wait for your dream car to be delivered to you any where you want. We import top quality European cars which have much higher standards and specifications than Asian imports. The cars come duty free for diaspora residents, donor agencies, diplomatic mission, UN and rally drivers. USA Kenyan residents can now import duty free right hand cars immediately after buying and we can process everything for them

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