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Torch Tamer Promotes Propane Torch Safety

Torch Tamer Promotes Propane Torch Safety

When it comes to propane torch safety, it is important to use the right tools. Safety starts with promoting appropriate use of the device which is now, made easy with the help of the Torch Tamer.

The Torch Tamer which offers industry wide use is a simple yet important accessory that can not only help use the torch the way it is intended to be used but, also is highly functional. It helps hold the torch in its place by keeping it upright.

The Torch Tamer is the perfect solution to a series of problems trade industry employees have been facing for decades together. Due to its compact size, it can fit just about anywhere and does not involve any heavy lifting or lugging. The tripod style stand keeps the torch in its place by giving the user, a hands free option that improves performance.

Propane torch safety and the lack of it is a growing concern among many industries. Some don’t quite grasp the magnitude of the serious consequences that can arise from improper use while some, don’t take the time to look into this rather important issue. The Torch Tamer is an affordable safety stand that can eliminate any safety concern while also offering stable use.

About the Torch Tamer:

The Torch Tamer, a proud product of Living the Dream Industries, LLC is a product that is an innovation in its own. The sturdy as well as the ergonomic design of this propane torch stand promotes propane torch safety and hands free use combined to offer assistance in tasks involving brazing, soldering and a variety of other trade industry chores. To order the Torch Tamer or know more about it, please visit

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