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Touch Screen Technology Market  Driven By Demand From Mobile And Tablet Sector

Touch Screen Technology Market Driven By Demand From Mobile And Tablet Sector

Touch screen technology acts as an interface between computers and users which provide an easy visual experience for interaction to the users. The popularity of touch screen technology in PCs, smartphones, mobile phones, tablets and in many other information devices is gaining momentum. Touch screen technology provides strong control on the device and hassle free interactivity. There are various types of touch screen available in the market such as capacitive touch screen, resistive touch screen, optical touch screen, surface acoustic wave and infrared touch screen. Touch screen technology have numerous application in various industry sectors and daily use devices. Some of the popular applications of touch screen technology include self checkout counters, personal digital assistant (PDS), hand-held gaming consoles, tablet PCs, automatic tailoring machine (ATMs), mobile phones, airport check-ins and automotives.

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Touch screen have witnessed immense growth in demand from mobile and tablet sector owing to the rapid proliferation of smartphones. In touch screen market many technologies exist. However, capacitive touch and resistive touch technologies hold maximum market volume. Mobile and tablets screen are the largest application segment for touch screen technology market in terms of revenue.

The touch screen technology market is driven by factors such as rapid popularization, increased consumer spending on electronic devices, increasing ergonomics and ease of use and accessibility. Players in touch screens market have potential opportunity in innovative touch panel materials, technology and related software and hardware. The development of multi-touch screens in retail sector touch screen display is one of the major trends witnessed in the global retail touch screen display market. The development of multi touch technology in touch screen solutions is helping to enhance the customer experience by enabling the user of the technology to operate the devices with multiple touch points. Thus this multi touch function is an added advantage for touch screen devices. For instance, in 2010, TPK Holding Co. Ltd. has launched projective capacitive technology which supports multi-touch functionalities.

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Touch screen technology market is segmented on the basis of type, screen size, application and geography. On the basis of screen type the market is segmented into resistive type, capacitive touch screen, surface acoustic wave type, infrared type and others. Others segment includes combo, digitizers and on-cell, in-cell screen type. On the basis of screen size market for touch screens is segmented into less than 3 inches, more than 3 inches to 6 inches, more than 6 inches to 10 inches and more than 10 inches. There are numerous applications of touch screen technology in various industries. On the basis of application touch screen technology market is segmented into personal use application and professional use applications, personal application of touch screen use application such as touch screens in consumer electronics and IT electronics. Professional applications of touch screen technology are found in sectors such as public space/ hospitality and health care sector, government sector, retail sector, transport sector and education sector, among others.

3M, Apple Inc., Atmel AU ,Cypress Semicondutor, DISPLAX Interactive Systems, Fujitsu Ltd., Intel IRTouch, Microsoft Corporation, Samsung SDI, Synaptics Incorporated, Wintek Corporation, LG Display, Microsoft Corporation and Freescale Gigabyte, among others are some of the major players in touch screen technology market.

Geographies analyzed under this research report include

North America

Asia Pacific


Rest of the World

This report provides comprehensive analysis of

Market growth drivers

Factors limiting market growth

Current market trends

Market structure

Market projections for upcoming years

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