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Toughened Glass Systems: Frontline Supplier of Toughened Glass & Laminated Glass

Toughened Glass Systems: Frontline Supplier of Toughened Glass & Laminated Glass

London; 03, February 2016: Thinking of laminated or toughened glass conjures up vivid images of your vehicle’s windshield and side windows, the balustrade of your home or office, floor glass and the glass partitions within the offices you work. The glass material of the abovementioned areas have been constructed out of safety glass that not only acts as a protective cover but also enhances the overall look of the surroundings. Tempered glass is made by subjecting annealed glass to thermal and/or chemical treatment processes which lends the same a tough texture or quality. Toughened Glass Systems is a vanguard industrial glass systems supplier that creates an extensive range of durable glass products as well as glass coatings.

The company deploys state-of-the-art production techniques and the final product is made to go through stringent quality control checks’ resulting in it’s taking on a hard-wearing structure. Mass production on a cyclical basis has facilitated the concern to achieve economy of scale which ultimately enables it to maintain competitive rates without of course compromising on quality. The product line is incredibly varied and impressive which includes glass Juliet balconies, skylights, sealed units, UV bonding, table glass, glass shelves , coated glass, solar controlled glass, and safety glass.

Toughened Glass Systems also takes bulk orders for walk on glass, laminated glass, glass partitions, glass doors, frameless glass, shower screens, acoustic glass, bath screens, fire resistant glass, and self-cleaning glass. These glass types find extensive applications in an extensive range of commercial/industrial concerns as well as homes because of their ability to withstand breakage. In the rare circumstance of this type of glass getting broken or shattered, they don’t get splintered into shards or slices with jagged edges which might cause injuries or wounds.

It is because of this unique quality that toughened glass and laminated glass is used for making vehicle windshields, shower screens, skylights, glass doors, tabletops, and kitchen splashbacks, roofs of trellises, and railings or balustrades of staircases. Clients of the company comprise interior decorators, property developers and landlords, restaurateurs, architects, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers of glass. The outfit also extends allied services like glass coating or varnishing and installation of the finished product. The organization has carved a name for itself in this industry by time and again delivering products that have been made as per clients’ specifications throughout the length and breadth of UK.

Toughened Glass accepts online payments via their portal where the customer needs to click on the PayPal button.

About Toughened Glass Systems:


Toughened Glass Systems is a well-established manufacturer and supplier of different categories of heavy-duty and long-lasting safety glass that is used across a broad range of industries and establishments. The company is headquartered in the Harrow suburb of Greater London. You can forward all your queries and concerns regarding the products of the firm on-info@toughenedglasssystems.co.uk

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