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Toxic Mold Affects Flood-Ridden Homes-New Age Ozone Generators Aid Recovery

Toxic Mold Affects Flood-Ridden Homes-New Age Ozone Generators Aid Recovery

With the recent upshot of the El Niño effect stirring up massive unexpected storms across the country, residents are preparing to safeguard their home both during and after the floods. To eliminate the predictable aftermath of molds caused due to flooding, a new technological solution the ozone generator is essential to safeguard and guarantee the safety and cleanliness of the home.

New York, September 21, 2015 — The recent upshot of the El Niño deluge has been sparking off unexpected floods and monsoon rains across the US, leaving residents in disarray. The floods caused by heavy downpour are leading to flash flooding due to the lower absorption by the soil and lower time allowed for the water to seep in. From San Francisco, CA to Phoenix, AZ, heavy floods have ravages the land causing damage to property, life, and livelihood.

Thousands have been left stranded on the streets due to heavy traffic jams, blackouts, flooding of underpasses, breakdown of motor vehicles and increasing number of accidents, bringing complete regions to standstill. In addition, heavy winds reported to be in the range of 65mph are dislocating trees and cutting down important roadways further adding to the damage. Though the downpours only last a short while the water logging and the flooding left behind impact the biggest damage on the affected regions.

Apart from loosening structures, withering wood and concrete, and imparting serious damages to decors the floodwater that find their way into the crawlspaces of houses to lead to another major problem of molds. Ventilation-less regions such as basements, attics, underground parking spaces, and storage spaces when exposed to acidic rainwater easily absorb it in to the woodwork leading to the growth of molds.

Fungi mold spores are non-toxic to humans, but have the tendency to replicate rapidly and cause an infestation in no time. The infestations can cause structural damages overtime but can lead to allergies and respiratory diseases immediately. Most home owners try to get rid of the molds and the stains left behind by floods water by spraying or applying more water to the region which only causes the mold to grow even further.

The only effective way to get rid of mold infestations is by drying the moisture adhering to the walls. But in confined spaces where ventilation may not be practical, machinery driven drying should be utilized to eliminate the mold formation. Drying that utilizes ozone generation to get rid of all microorganisms is the best possible method to be employed to get rid of mold.

Ozone generators convert the air inside the house or commercial building that has been flooded into a fumigant that destroys odors and kills mold. The process is similar to the way lightening generates ozone in nature during a thunderstorm. The ozone generator is essentially creating lightening in a box. However all ozone generators are not created equal. In order to actually kill mold the ozone machine needs to make massive amounts of gas if a home or building owner wants to do real world work. Enter the BiO3blaster, developed by a company that specializes in offering a wide array of services to get rid of mold infestations and other parasites that are prone to invade the house. The company’s innovative ozone generator product range have the capacity to eliminate not just parasites, but also bad odors, dirt and dust, algal stains left behind by water logging.

About Company: Bio3Blaster utilizes technologies based on the anti-microbial characteristics of ozone and employing it into high power machines offering an affordable and highly effective service to eliminate microorganisms and air-borne impurities that may be infecting your household. Ensuring a safe, clean, and toxin free environment, Bio3Blaster is a technical innovation designed to bring forth relief to mold ailed residents.

Contact: Visit www.ozonegenerator20000.com or industrialozone@gmail.com call 800-240-8514 Oxyzone Enterprises c/o 4456 North Abbe Road, Sheffield Village, Ohio. The All Natural DIY Mold Removal system offers a high powered yet holistic way of dealing with odor and mold removal (treatment). With pioneering inventions like the Ozone Tornado and Ozone Tunnel technologies, these ozone generators provide one of the easiest ways to deal with mold infestations.

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