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TransferNow- Your Perfect Data Transfer Agent

TransferNow- Your Perfect Data Transfer Agent

Are your files too big? Are the conventional files transferring systems failing to manage them? Tired of paying unnecessarily for a secure and fast file transferring service? Need hassle free transfers? If yes, worry not! TransferNow is your absolute destination. Share big files through generation of links or email large files- TransferNow provides it all. It offers free transfer of large files (up to 2 GB per transfer) to a list of twenty contacts. Furthermore, the transfers are secure and confidential. Now you can transfer data to anyone across the globe without having to worry about data leaks.

In case you choose to become a member of TransferNow, you get a tasty pack of up to 3 GB per transfer over a period of twenty one days to a list of thirty five contacts overall. The best part- signing up is completely free! Thus, all these benefits after no pay at all. So hurry, get the “Freemium” pack now for large file transfer!

Not only does TransferNow provide a smooth transfer of files, but also offers a transfer manager to allow access of users to a set of features, which are easy to operate. They take good measures to maintain confidentiality of the data being transferred over their service, and do not interfere in the data unless the data is reported or goes against the terms and conditions mentioned. All intra site communications are made by HTTPS. The email address provided by the user is highly protected and is not sold or given to any third party applications. This ensures efficient transfers with least hassles and harassment on part of the user.

You can easily sign up for the site by accessing their website. Also, in case of any query or doubt, you can contact them through their contact form which is available on their website You can also keep up with their latest news and updates, regarding their services, by following them on their Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages. Subscribe to their newsletter to keep yourself informed about their latest innovations and offers.

About TransferNow
TransferNow is a free data storage and data transferring service. It was established in the year 2013 by two French students. It is based on five key factors: free of cost, performance, innovation, transparency and confidentiality of the files being transferred. Presently, it is working on innovations and better techniques to improve its services.

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