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Transport Exchange Group Announces Telematics Integration

Transport Exchange Group Announces Telematics Integration

18, September 2015: In an innovative move set to enhance the work practices of haulage industry professionals, Transport Exchange Group (which includes the Haulage Exchange and the Courier Exchange) has announced agreements with 10 leading telematics specialists.

An Integrated Approach to Vehicle Tracking

Through their online freight exchanges, the move will give TEG the ability to combine logistical data from some of the most popular tracking tools currently used within the industry. This will create a ‘system neutral’ integrated telematics platform, able to provide control and supply chain visibility to both sub-contractors and in-house fleets in the road transport and logistics sectors.

Simon Bunegar, Head of Business Development for TEG says the move will allow members of the Haulage Exchange to track the location and status of vehicles at any time, regardless of who is operating them (subject to security filters). “We now have the ability to integrate tracking data from virtually any system, so members can not only have visibility of their own vehicles, but also those of their trading partners,” he said.

Haulage Exchange members include hauliers, freight forwarders and logistics providers, and Bunegar says that while adoption of the related telematics marketplace has become far more widespread, it remains fragmented. “Many disparate systems have no means of communicating to each other,” he said. “But this integration has the ability to provide increased confidence between members, improve asset utilisation, achieve great operating efficiencies and, ultimately, increase profitability.”

Industry experts say another marked benefit of this integration is the increased value smaller operators will gain from the investment in telematics, allowing them to become part of an extensive ‘virtual’ fleet of trackable vehicles. It will also enhance members’ ability to promote unused capacity in order to minimise empty journeys.

Bunegar says the Transport Exchange Group are proud to have developed a vendor neutral technology platform that can pull useful data, including vehicle positioning, from a range of sources and funnel it into a single, user friendly system. “It allows partners to share key operational information to help maximise fleet performance and provide added peace of mind, taking advantage of the value of visibility,” he said.

About Haulage Exchange:

Haulage Exchange is an online trading platform which aims to connect truckers with empty vehicles (often on return journeys) to contractors with loads that need to be delivered. Learn more about them at

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