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Triple Net Investment Group Offers 15 Year NNN Ground forSale Online

Triple Net Investment Group Offers 15 Year NNN Ground forSale Online

01, April 2016: Finding the best quality real estate for sale in North Carolina has never been so easier before. Triple Net Investment Group offers 15 year NNN ground for sale online at the most competitive price. The farm offered by the best real estate brokers has less than 1% total impermeable surfaces in the whole facility, and is attached to the ground via driven posts. The energy created on this site is 100% clean energy, and produces no soil impact on the land at all. If the solar farm were to be re-moved in the future, the 26.38 acre site would be usable for farming and potential future. Offering an absolute NNN lease, the company enables one to avail this sale which is guaranteed by ECOPLEXUS CORPORATE. Ecoplexus is a trailblazer in the growth, strategy, and creation of solar power nationwide. This San Francisco based company is private, and has offices in Dallas and New York. Their financing partners include US Bank, Bank of America, Fifth Third Bank and others. Ecoplexus has over fifty solar projects in development phase with a $200 million dollar valuation on those projects.

Offering repeated engrossment with the sale offers in Raleigh North Carolina, the company continues to grow every single day. With thousands of benefitted clients, the growth story of this real estate goes on to achieve a new height.

While the amount of net operating income is $ 25000 from this solar farm in North Carolina, the tenant invested $6.2 million dollars to build solar farm, and puts out over 6,000,000 KWH per year. The site offered for sale is 26.8 acre site zoned for industrial use in Mebane, NC. While Mebane is amid size community located between Raleigh and Greensboro, North Carolina, the solar farm serves the North Carolina region in general, and reaches over 7 million people through the agreement with Dominion Power.

About Triple Net Investment Group:

Triple Net Investment Group is one of the leading investment groups that help one to invest wisely.

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