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TUFFS Notification Shortcuts – For a Cleaner Homescreen

TUFFS Notification Shortcuts – For a Cleaner Homescreen

14, September 2015: The Bhanu Android Apps company introduces a revolutionary Android notification app to receive TUFFS notification shortcuts of the user’s favorite apps. The new app possesses many high-end features that could be extremely useful to users.

The TUFFS quick launcher app is considered to be one of the most efficient apps in maximizing the efficiency of the homescreen of an Android smartphone. It not only prevents a homescreen from being filled with numerous apps but also offers quick access the vital apps one needs on a daily basis. Decorating the spacious homescreen with a favorite photo or widget has been made possible through this advanced app. The Android notification app has won many hearts due to its supreme features that cannot be found on other rival apps.

Among many features that make this shortcut app one of the best, the following are prominent. the simplicity of the UI and the user-friendly attributes, ability to completely customize the app based on user preferences, options to change various graphical features of icons are some of the main reasons why Android users flock around TUFFS. And unlike many similar apps, TUFFS does not run background services of the chosen app shortcuts, unwanted ads or even it does not require to connect to the internet, which is great since the app does not eat up data each time the user connects to the internet.

In addition, TUFFS also offers an option to hide notifications from the lockscreen and to start notification shortcuts when rebooting the smartphone. Both of the above features are extremely helpful to optimize the efficiency of the appearance and functionality of sophisticated Android devices. The variety of themes, number of smart shortcuts and other unique features of the Android notification shortcut app have the potential to make this one of the most user-friendly apps available in the Google Playstore.

To download the high-end app and to read more on its features, visit today.

About Bhanu Android Apps:

Bhanu Android Apps company is a budding mobile app development company that is determined to provide smartphone users with a variety of sophisticated, lightweight and user-friendly apps to enhance the smartphone experience. The dedicated team of developers is the backbone of this innovative company that indicates a promising future.

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