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Tumbling Heads debuts Galaxy Feud, an intergalactic turn-based strategy game for iOS

Tumbling Heads debuts Galaxy Feud, an intergalactic turn-based strategy game for iOS

Galaxy Feud was conceived by Martin Soederhamn and Tyler VanKanan who live at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder Colorado.  The original idea for Galaxy Feud was a spin-off of the beloved pen and paper game Battleship from the 1930’s. Galaxy Feud is an adventure through space, taking place in an apocalyptic future, where earth has been destroyed and evil corporations fight for sovereignty.

In Galaxy Feud, the protagonist takes control of a fleet of five unique spacecraft. The objective of the game is to remain hidden, while locating and destroying the opposing player’s ships. Each of your ships has a primary attack and can bring two additional skills to battle, ranging from tactical defensive skills to devastating nuclear attacks. As experience and credits are earned players will climb the 25 ranks and unlock a total of 90 new weapons and skills. Players begin with a tutorial against artificial intelligence to hone their skills before inviting friends or challenging random opponents from around the world. With gradual progression and intuitive gameplay, Galaxy Feud is ideal for people of all ages.

“We are gamers ourselves. We care about the games we create and the players who play them. If we manage to create a game that our fans will enjoy, then we have truly succeeded” said Tumbling Heads founder Martin Soederhamn during an initial Galaxy Feud meeting. Galaxy Feud features a full length soundtrack, custom 3D ship models and CGI videos displaying weapon and skill animations.

Tumbling Heads is a mobile application development company, founded in 2012 by Martin Soederhamn and brother-in-law Tyler VanKanan. Tumbling Head’s focus is on iPhone and iPad development with two current releases, TriviaAce and Galaxy Feud, along with several others coming this year.  With an international team, Tumbling Heads utilizes developers, musicians and graphic artists from seven different countries around the world. As avid “old school” gamers, Tumbling Heads strives to reinvent old classics and bring them to modern platforms, “Gaming, that’s just what we do”, says Martin Soederhamn.

For more information on Galaxy Feud, Tumbling Heads or to schedule an interview please contact:

Tyler VanKanan, Marketing Manager
Tumbling Heads
Boulder, Colorado, USA
Phone: (720) 975-7530
Skype: tylertumbling
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