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Two Step Authentication for cPanel now available for Layer Online web hosting customers

Two Step Authentication for cPanel now available for Layer Online web hosting customers

Toronto; 04, December 2015: Many firms are now opting for the service cPanel web hosting for proper management of the contents of their professional sites. It is essential for those firm owners who are required to host large number of websites on their respective individual servers. It is user friendly software and at the same time protects any website from the clutches of unauthorized users. It helps people in the creation of powerful websites including blog posts and so on. There many software firms which are offering quality cPanel hosting services to the customers. Layer Online is one such firm that is providing this service within a reasonable price.

As a part of the service, this company helps customers to acquire the complete knowledge of cPanel software including the ways of navigating its various pages and functions. When it comes to changing the password of the cPanel, this software firm provides easy solution to such problems. It mainly focuses on providing strong and secure password that cannot be easily deciphered or cracked by hackers for malicious purposes. Along with that it is also offering the services of cPanel two step authentication which seek to provide an additional protection to the web hosting account of the organization. Here clients need to insert a time based token code apart from the regular user login and password. This code changes in every 60 seconds and so there is less scope for infiltration.

Other than hosting of cPanel, this software firm also offers hosting services like Performance web hosting, Windows web hosting, VPS hosting, Drupal hosting and many more. Customers can avail these services on choosing any specific plan pack. It also offers solutions in domain name registration and also transform the domain name from any existing website to the new website within short period of time. It also provides adequate guidelines on the ways of installing SSL Certificates in the cPanel. The firm also offers unlimited online back-up facilities through various plan packs like personal, family and pro.

The firm mainly accepts payment through PayPal and other secured means of online transactions. It also monitors the servers of its clients on timely basis and in case of any trouble it automatically eliminates such problem. Its knowledgebase portal offers many useful guidelines on various aspects of web hosting. While providing these services, the company is quite committed in protecting the contents of the websites from any sort of damage. It makes sure that the sites are in absolute command of the users. It ensures that the data transfer capability of the e-commerce sites remains at the top speed.

About Layer Online:

Layer Online is a Toronto based software firm specialized in offering various web hosting services including cPanel hosting. It thoroughly protects the privacy of the users and to know more viewers can log on to its site.

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