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Unleashed MD Launch Exciting New Ladies Gym Wear Range

Unleashed MD Launch Exciting New Ladies Gym Wear Range

Brisbane, Australia; 25, January 2016: Unleashed MD is Australia’s premier online store for gym wear and apparel. Launched in 2012, the brand has fast become the go-to provider of quality products for men. The company are happy to announce that they now stock a comprehensive range of ladies gym wear.

Unleashed MD

Ladies Reversible Shorts

Unleashed MD sells a variety of women’s reversible shorts. They are body-hugging fitted shorts that feature a foldable elastic waist. Made with a twin-layer quick-dry material, they work to keep one cool and comfortable.

What’s unique about these products is that they won’t shrink, nor will they lose colour. Another interesting feature is how up to four colour options can get selected from one pair of shorts! The women’s reversible shorts are available in many different sizes.

Ladies Singlets

Everyone knows that when they’re at the gym, the way they look can boost their confidence. It’s an unwritten fact that applies to both men and women. For the latter, one confidence booster is to wear singlets that make them feel good.

The women’s singlets that Unleashed MD sell are semi-fitted. If one so desires a looser fit, they can just buy the next size up. They sport narrow top seams for accentuated shoulder width. And the fitment includes deep cut arms for lat exposure.

Made from stretchable polyester, these singlets are also moisture absorbent and quick to dry. What’s more, they keep their shape too.

Ladies Tights

Unleashed MD offers a range of fashionable ladies tights. They are stylish and combine a raft of performance materials. The result is they allow wearers an optimal range of motion.

Made from a combination of nylon and spandex, they are also useful for keeping one feeling fresh and dry. The range of designs means that there’s a perfect style for everyone.

Each pair of ladies tights sold by Unleashed MD helps their wearers to make a statement. A lot of time got spent developing these products. They are some of the best leggings that one can wear down the gym!

Ladies Trackpants

With a flattering fitment, the ladies trackpants sold by Unleashed MD offer a secure fit. They are of a three-quarter length design. And they can get worn at a high or low waist level, thanks to the elastic waistband.

The unique tri-blend material ensures they offer optimum comfort, breathability and durability. They are also lightweight, making them perfect for any workout routine.

About Unleashed MD:

Founded in 2012, the brand has become an online leader in gym wear and apparel. Unleashed MD is a Brisbane-based company. They take pride in the high quality of their products and their level of service offered to customers.

Sporting a range of men’s and ladies gym wear, Unleashed MD offer durable and stylish products.

For more information, contact:
Chris Abel
Unleashed MD
32 Victoria Crescent
Tel: +61 (0)404 929 508
Email: chrisabel@live.com.au
Website: http://www.unleashedmd.com.au

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