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Unusual Recent Flooding Creates Hidden Danger: The Lingering Visitor, Mold

Unusual Recent Flooding Creates Hidden Danger: The Lingering Visitor, Mold

Flooding results in hidden dangers to families and businesses, including, viruses bacteria and mold spores carried, by the flood waters. A new weapon can be used by homeowners and business owners to fight back and reclaim their homes and health.

Oberlin, Ohio, July 06, 2015 — Headlines across the Nation have reported flooding, due to unusually high rainfall, this summer season. Many parts of the Country are experiencing 100 year high rainfall averages. This flooding has resulting in deaths, mayhem and property damage, leaving many residents homeless and even more with damaged homes and belongings from leaking basements crawlspaces and heavy rain. Recently in Rock River, Ohio, traffic on interstate 90 was shut down for almost three hours because of flooding. In Greene City flooding caused $300,000 of damage. In Beardstown, Illinois, sinkholes have developed three hundred feet from the river. Residents and business owners and officials were preparing for flooding on Sunday since before Thursday. Some three hundred to four hundred homes are deluged in Kankakee County, Illinois. Storm systems are covering almost all of the Northeast, from New York to Pennsylvania to Cleveland to Rochester and Pittsburgh. Every one of the salvageable homes in Kankakee will need to be cleansed of mold damage and other types of flood-related damage that could cause dangerous health problems with the residents. Sochi, Russia has drank a month’s worth of rain water, leaving several places seven feet under water. The flooding has forced airports and businesses to shut down completely.

It mustn’t be forgotten how soon after flooding occurs, unwanted visitors could be coming to live in your home or office, especially in the wet summer months. These unwanted visitors are bacteria viruses and mold. When water saturates building materials it carries with it unseen pathogens in the form of bacteria and viruses, and the air carries with it mold spores. When a mold spore lands on a wet surfaces that is organic, it send down a feeder tap root and starts to grow.

One mold spore can turn into 12 million in just twelve hours, that’s fast, and it is an exponential rate of growth. Albert Einstein is famous and one of his many quotes is that “modern man is completely incapable of understanding exponential functions”. When dealing with mold growth we are dealing with exactly that, exponential rates of growth. This insidious, pathogen, grows at alarming rates and is responsible for wreaking havoc on many an unsuspecting, flood victim’s home, personal belongings and even their family’s health. This makes for an often costly and nasty combination.

While you may want to quickly move back into your home, should you find yourself in any of the above situations, you need to take the proper measures in order to ensure that your home or place of business is safe for you, your loved ones or even your employees to return. The last thing anyone needs is our loved ones and customers and employees, suffering from hidden mold and the health effects it can cause. The most important step in flood damage clean up and water restoration is the dry out and removal of water damaged drywall and stored items. This must be done quickly, in order to prevent the expensive costs of mold remediation and eradication, that results from secondary water damage caused by mold. Often overlooked by most professional flooding and water damage contractors, one of the most important and effective steps is to eliminate the mold and the harmful bacteria, by killing it. Most homeowners and even most flood and water damage professionals rely on spraying bleach or other liquid chemicals to try to kill pathogens like viruses bacteria and mold. Sadly, scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory, proved all the way back in 2001 that it is impossible to get liquid chemicals into all of the hidden spaces that viruses, bacteria and mold spores can hide in a building’s structure, due to the nooks and crannies crevices and cul de sacs that exist. They recommend that the only truly effective way to accomplish this is to get a germ killer into the hidden spaces. The best way to accomplish that, the scientists say, is to use a germ killing gas. Most gasses are expensive and hard for the novice to use, with the exception of one proven technology, ozone gas. An average homeowner or contractor has no problem setting up an ozone generator, and setting a timer to start killing those hidden germs and mold spores. What more, ozone destroys the musty odors and the chemical poisons called mycotoxins and MVOC’s that these bad germs off-gas, that can be harmful to health. After you run an ozone generator all of the germs, mold spores and odors are completely destroyed and what is left is a clean fresh scent and no more bad odors, or germs! This ozone generator step is vital to the process in order to keep you and your family safe. Unfortunately, you can’t buy an ozone generator at Home Depot or the hardware store, and most of the ones being sold on the internet are not powerful enough to get the job done. Of all the ozone machines for sale only one was developed by a Nationally respected Mold Expert, the BioBlaster. Available only on the internet the Bioblaster has the power to destroy mold and mildew viruses and bacteria, and make your home or business safe again!

Contact: Charles Boday, safemoldsolutions@gmail.com c/o 55 South Main St. Oberlin Ohio best selling Author of The Ultra Dry Basement, and Got Mold Now What? Or visit www.safemoldsolutions.com 800-948-4947 to solve a stubborn mold problem or buy a DIY Mold Removal Kit or visit www.ozonegenerator20000.com 800-240-8514 to buy an ozone generator, to blast away mold and mold odors.

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