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UPS tracking number

UPS tracking number

For the identification and tracking of cargo each service is using a track-number, assigned to each shipment automatically in the process of registration. The track number is different from the standard UPS UPU codes and can consist of any combination of letters and numbers (within 35 characters).

To get to know the information about your cargo you just need to do several steps. The first one is to open UPS tracking number. The second one is to enter in a special field your UPS tracking number. The third one: enjoy the status of your parcel. The most common UPS statuses are:

Electronic Shipping Info Received – received information about the email sending electronically.

  • Shipment Accepted – accepted from a sender.
  • Arrived at Sort Facility – arrived to a sorting center.
  • Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility – your parcel has passed postal sorting at the collection point of parcels.
  • Dispatched to Sort Facility – left the sorting center.
  • Notice Left (Business Closed) – UPS courier  attempted to deliver a parcel, but it did not take place, because delivery place was closed. For the recipient there was left a receipt.
  • Processed Through Sort Facility – cargo left sorting postal unit in the direction of delivery (export to the country of destination).
  • Customs Clearance – passed to customs.
  • Customs Clearance delay (Held in Customs) – parcel delayed in customs.
  • Customs clearance processing complete – customs clearance is completed.
  • Delivered – the parcel is delivered.

Sometimes it can be so, that you were not given any track number. You need to know, that not all mail items automatically get a number for international tracking. All IMS are divided into “small packets” and “parcels”. The standard small package has a sending weighing less than 2 kg, and tracking number is not assigned to it. In some cases it is possible for an additional fee to register an IMS and to receive a tracking number. Those IMS, which are weighing more than 2 kg,  fall in the category of parcels and are given a tracking number, but in this case it does not always have an international format. Packages are divided into ordinary and priority. Priority has an international tracking number.

If you want to know, that the UPS parcel has left the United States, you need to track your number and to pay attention to the following status:

  •      Processed through UPS Sort Facility.

Typically, delivering takes  from 10 days to 2 months. If the parcel status does not change for more than 2 or 3 weeks, it means that while checking the parcel, there were some problems and it will be returned to the supplier. You should file a claim as soon as possible.

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