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Users Can Now View Digital Camera Images On Their Laptops And Tablets Also

Users Can Now View Digital Camera Images On Their Laptops And Tablets Also

The best news in the recent times for those who want to view digital camera images on their laptops or tablets is that the free CR2 Converter is now available. With the help of this app, they can suitably convert the images predominantly shot with Canon or similar other cameras and view them on devices like laptops, tablets, etc.

The point is digital camera images, especially those shot with Canon are saved only on CR2 files and so, they are raw. They cannot be viewed anywhere else except on the cameras. This used to be difficult for the users. Now that the free CR2 Converter is available, they can use this handy tool and view the images on various other platforms.

This app supports many other popular image formats like PNG, TIFF, JPG, ICO, etc. Further, the software is quite easy for handling and so, it canbe used by anyone without hassles. Users need not install any other extra software for using this app which means this is a standalone app.

Users can download the app on PC’s or laptops that run on Windows OS, regardless of the version. The app is lightweight also and users need not be concerned whether their system resources will be over-utilized. The app will not impact the performance or the speed of the devices on which it is installed.

The Free CR2 Converter is a clean software and does not contain any adware or malware. Users have to click a few times for getting their task done. They need not have any qualms about the quality of the output also. Since the app has a straight-forward user interface, users can just add their CR2 files onto it. The tool supports batch conversion also which means users can add a number of files simultaneously.

Since details like the path, name and size of the files will be displayed, users will find the app highly convenient. This will help them decide whether to keep the files or remove the ones they do not need. Clearing the list is also possible for which users have to just make a click.

Once users choose the format for the output, they must set the destination folder and press the ‘convert’ button for completing the task.

About The Free CR2 Converter

The Free CR2 Converter helps in converting digital camera images suitably so they can be viewed on platforms like laptops, tablets, etc. The app is simple to use and hence, anyone can download and install it on their PC’s or laptops that run on Windows OS.

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