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Using methods and applying areas of the CAD software

Using methods and applying areas of the CAD software

China – If people want to enhance their working efficiency, they should firstly have clear drawing steps. The reasonable and generally drawing steps could be concluded into: Set Mapsheet ¨Cset units and precision-set up several layers-set object style-start drawing.

Second, the Drawing ratio should be 1:1. On the other hand, in order to change the size of the pattern on the printed paper, people can set different print scale when printing in different paper space.

Thirdly, each cad software user should set different layers, colors and line widths for different types of elements objects.

Fourthly, if people need to take precise drawing, they can use grid snap function and set the grid capturing space into appropriate value. This factor is so crucial for the high accuracy drawing.

Five, each user should remember that please do not draw the frame and graphics in the same graph and they should be inserted in the layout in the function (LAYOUT) and then people could correctly print the graphic.

For the named objects such as views, layers, blocks, line types, text styles, print style and others. The naming process should be not only simple, but also should follow certain rules in order to make the finding and using become so convenient.

Seven, people should integrate some commonly settings, such as layers, dimension styles, text styles and other content in a graphic template file which could be always saved as .DWF. This a\habit will let the future designation become so easy.

As the introduction of famous cad cam online supplier , the cad software could be usually applied into the following areas.

Engineering Drawing

This section includes the construction, interior design, environmental design, hydropower engineering, civil construction and so on.

Industrial drawing

This part owns the precision parts designing, molds and equipment designation.

Electronics industry

For the electrical industry, the cad software could be used as printing circuit board.

On the other hand, the CAD software could also be widely used in other areas such as civil construction, urban planning, landscape design, aerospace, light industry and others.


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