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Velox Auctioneers: Your One Stop Auctioning Service

Velox Auctioneers: Your One Stop Auctioning Service

Want to sell off items which you do not require? Looking for buyers who will pay a fair price? Or, are you in need of some immediate furnishings for your new apartment? Looking for a fair bid? At Velox Auctioneers you will find it all. Be it buying or selling, they look into the needs of both the sellers and buyers. Velox can help you find the right price for your item and also help you buy items at just market value. They go by the motto of fair pricing. Velox Auctioneers have a passion for people interaction and the catering industry in particular. They specialise mostly in catering equipment auction. All the formalities regarding an auction are taken care of by Velox.  All a seller has to do is, wait for good returns.

The most recent bid available at Velox Auctioneers is an Auction at Cape Town, where auctioneers of Cape Town are taking part. Catering equipment auctions are taking place where used restaurant equipment are being auctioned. It’s at 11 AM on 7th of June, 27 Stella Road, Montague Gardens. Hurry!

Velox Auctioneers offers a range of benefits to their clients. They provide several auction services like industrial auctions, wine auctions, catering equipment auctions, engineering auctions and others. If you are overloaded with items at home, office or workplace, Velox Auctioneers is the place to be. Auction chairs, tables, bikes and cars. Auction catering equipment, property and farm implements. Auction anything and almost everything!

You can also be up to date with all the auctions, by simply subscribing to them on their website. Velox Auctioneers will make sure that any new update is notified via mail or short message services (as per your choice).

To acquire more information on Velox Auctioneers and avail the latest offers and bids, please visit http://www.veloxauctioneers.co.za/

About Velox Auctioneers
Velox Auctioneers is an auctioning firm which facilitates seller and buyer interaction. Sellers are introduced to qualified buyers and various premiums. Velox Auctioneers look into the specific needs of both the sellers and buyers- the two great pillars of the market. They mostly specialise in auctioning of catering equipment, but also offer services in auctioning of items belonging to different spheres.

27 Stella Rd
Montague Gardens
Cape Town, 7441
South Africa

National:+27 21 100 3404
Telephone:+27 82 758 9234
FAX:+27 86 551 7686

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