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“Vibration Proofing” for your House

“Vibration Proofing” for your House

Constructing the home of your dreams? Is it right on the side of the busy main road? If yes, then you must spare a few frowns for the amount of noise that is likely to be generated all day and night from the movement and din on the streets on a normal working day. No, we are not talking about noise pollution here. The issue at hand is way deeper and can cause your beautiful home vast damage, unbeknownst to you. It’s called “structural vibration”. Before we move ahead, let us get you a little acquainted with the term: It means the structural damage caused by the wall moving in and out of its at-rest position; as a natural response to the noise and transport movement effects that spill on to the structure of the building, therefore causing its walls and other internal construction components to vibrate.

Building vibration occurs most prominently around lower frequencies (typically below 300Hz), which is because of the nature of the transmissibility of the soil and foundations of the building, as well as typical vibration input characteristics from traffic and rail. This presents a particular problem, as panel resonances for walls and slab flooring tend to be around 10-30Hz for vertical vibration, and 5-10Hz for horizontal vibration, so these panel resonances can be easily excited. The accumulated damage caused over a good 3-5 years can cause repercussions in the form of weakening the structure of the house, and this can prove to be dangerous.

But don’t panic. Not as long as we are here. Mwendo, an authorised reseller of the products of Getzner Werkstoffe’s Sylomer® and Sylodyn® elastic materials, brings you the most effective and trusted means of reducing structural vibrations. We use both passive and active isolation methods. The former include Mechanical Springs, Spring dampers, Negative-stiffness isolators and base isolators for Seismic Isolation. And the latter has use of MEM accelerometers, Geophones and proximity sensors.

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About Mwendo:
We are a specialist supplier of anti-vibration mountings and elastic materials. We provide careful analysis and diagnosis of vibration-related issues for residential, academic and corporate buildings.

We are an authorised reseller of Getzner Werkstoffe’s Sylomer® and Sylodyn® elastic materials. Working closely with our clients, and utilising Getzner’s 40 years of experience, we vow to serve you to the best of our capacity.

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