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Victoria Warehouse is Manchester’s Ultimate Party Venue

Victoria Warehouse is Manchester’s Ultimate Party Venue


Clients and businesses looking for function rooms to hire in Manchester will truly be spoilt for choice. Corporate events including drinks receptions, product launches, conferences, award ceremonies and gala dinners can all be accommodated in this vibrant city with spectacular ease. Private room hire is also available for personal functions like birthday parties, wedding receptions, and engagement, anniversary and graduation celebrations.

Manchester has so much to offer in terms of event room hire, from cosy, intimate venues in the city’s trendy Northern Quarter, to slick and stylish spaces in the Spinningfields area of Deansgate. There are plenty of historic venues and plush hotels for anyone looking to hire a more traditional setting for their event. Manchester is home to a plethora of local breweries and allowing venues to serve unusual, locally sourced cask ales that set events apart in the minds of attendees. The city’s famously vibrant nightlife and tourist hotspots also serve to make it an excellent choice for corporate and personal functions.

Victoria Warehouse is one of Manchester’s most unusual party venues, which is no mean feat in a city full of unique events spaces. It’s an industrial warehouse that has retained many original features of the building, and furnished the inside with a stylish, stripped back, and wholly contemporary aesthetic.

The main events space is ideal for a huge variety of events concepts, and has proved to be a popular choice for the auto industries with Jeep, Audi, Hyundai and Toyota choosing to launch their products in the huge 1185m² space. Victoria Warehouse also has strong ties with fashion brands including GAP and New Look, and the events space has also played host to Thomas Cook, Jamesons, Vevo, and the first ever BBC 6 Music Festival.

Manchester is often referred to as Britain’s ‘second city’ and it more than deserves this title. The metropolis is bustling, busy and full of cultural attractions for visitors and locals alike to enjoy. Manchester is a prime example of how a place previously reliant on cotton manufacturing can rise from the ashes of industrial decline, and embrace the contemporary whilst still honouring a rich industrial past. Manchester was the first British city to be industrialised in the 18th century, and was for a time the largest marketplace for cotton goods and the most productive centre of cotton processing in the world.

Manchester has never lost sight of its industrial roots, and became a key centre of innovation in research and development through the 20th century. The father of the first stored programme computer, Alan Turing, was based at the University of Manchester, and Manchester’s academic life has long been recognised as progressive and radical. The city has much to be proud of in terms of science and industry, and achievements include the splitting of the atom and the discovery of the law of thermodynamics.

The rich cultural history of Manchester has had a profound impact on the rest of the UK, with bands like the Smiths, Joy Division and New Order changing Britain’s musical landscape forever. The Stone Roses and the Happy Mondays, and the famous Hacidenda club venue ushered in a new ‘Madchester’ era of ecstasy-fuelled alternative music, and rave-style parties became infamous across Britain. Manchester continues to make valuable cultural contributions, with a thriving music, art and theatrical scene that attracts more visitors than any other UK city, bar London and Edinburgh.

Although London still possesses a certain prestige, it’s much easier to offer guests the amenities they need at rates that won’t break the bank, if events are held outside the capital. Manchester has the metropolitan feel of a large, vibrant city, and also offers essentials like overnight accommodation and city centre parking for prices that can suit a variety of budgets. Unlike London, room hire in Manchester tend to remain on the reasonable side. The premium prices that are standard in the capital simply do not apply here, even for some of the most beautiful spaces in the city. Manchester has the added advantage of being easy to navigate by car or public transport, with amazing bus and tram links available throughout the city.

Victoria Warehouse is the go-to venue for party room hire in Manchester and can be contacted via enquiry form , Facebook or Twitter . Part of the appeal of the city of Manchester, particularly for businesses, is that it has rolled with the times to be as vibrant and interesting and metropolitan as it can possibly be, and the ethos of Victoria Warehouse really reflects this quality, offering tailored, individual solutions to corporate and private clients.

At Victoria Warehouse, we are what you make us.

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