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Vung Tau Beach - captured by Silvia

Vietnam Beaches

Beach Vung Tau Vietnam puts on an entirely “new shirt”

Vung Tau authority has officially banned carousing and cooking on the beach on April 26. 2016. To arrive at this decision, the cause also comes from the unconscious of many people.

Beach Vung Tau Vietnam

Vung Tau Beach – captured by Silvia

According to Ms. Truong Thi Huong, Deputy Chairwoman of People’s Committee of Vung Tau City, people trade food and tourists carouse at the beach then they don’t clean up, even they throw rubbish indiscriminately and sleazily which contribute to the loss of aesthetic beach and coast polluting, and also reduce coastal water beach quality.

In addition, after swimming, garbage from living and giving feasts are discharged beside of sleeping place unconsciously. This issue has puzzled the authority and this time the city leaders have to correct severely and it’s necessary to seek remedies for this problem. This unconscious is making the amount of garbage directly proportional to the number of residents and visitors to the beach doing that actions mentioned above, as bad Vung Tau tourism image. Besides, the carousing at the beach also causes disorder when tourists begin to be drunk which led to fights. There has been a situation that after being drunk the tourists swim at the beach, then he died. That is to say that carousing also is a big hazard for tourists as well as residents.

Currently Vung Tau beach is much cleaner and more beautiful.

Beach Vung Tau Vietnam

Vung Tau Beach after bans – captured by Tinh Huynh

There are no longer carousing, cooking and seafood trading situation. This really is a spectacular makeover of the city of Vung Tau. Now if you travel to this coastal city you will be so surprised because of what you see. Landscape has changed a lot. Vung Tau looks as if has put on an entirely “new shirt”. And tourists are still allowed to bring cooked food and non-alcoholic drinks to the beach. Those who do not clear their trash will be fined. Or they can now have their meals at restaurants or bistros near the beach. Cooperative members who want to continue their businesses can move to the busy Vung Tau tourism market instead.

However, this positive change also has faced controversies. Previously the seafood yokes on the beach carrying chose to buy by tourists because of their convenience and relatively reasonable prices. Now if ones want to use fresh seafood they are forced to buy back from the nearby restaurants with high price or go further to the markets. Eating on the beach is a hobby for everyone when come to Vung Tau. So the authority should take measures to support the tourist the nearest places to buy seafood at the right price. As well as arranging more of the trash on the beach to serve the needs of travelers.

It doesn’t know that whether how long Vung Tau City authority will maintain these measures. It should be said here that is human consciousness. The consciousness of people is difficult to turn, but it can be hardly adjusted by the law and the community rules. Most local authorities have understood this, but there is little place which could “protect” the sea (in particular) and preserve tourism image (in general) in its entirety.

22.05.2016: Silvia Huynh – ITI-HOLIDAY

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