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View Exclusive NFO Files with the Free NFO Viewer

View Exclusive NFO Files with the Free NFO Viewer

The Free NFO Viewer is a free application and a handy tool that allows users to view different NFO files that consist of ASCII art or files. This tool is extremely portable and small in size. It does not occupy much space and can be installed on multiple devices. The application also comes with a user friendly interface which means that anybody with or without technical knowledge can use this tool. The program is available in multiple languages including international languages such as English, Spanish, German, Italian, Turkish, Swedish and many others. The free NFO Viewer can be operated easily and is known to open the files quickly without taking any excess time. This free viewer also needs no installation or extraction. It also comes with loads of customizable features.

Users can change the background colors, fonts, link colors and so on. They can also use the options such as word wrap and character wrap. A portion or part of the text can be selected using the cursor available in the application. The settings menu offers some basic features such as select and copy, scroll, etc. This portable viewer can also be copied onto flash or usb drives. Users can also edit and make changes to the document and save the same. The only limitation is that the users cannot save the files, rename the files or create new files. However, when it comes to other features this tool offers its best.

About Free NFO Viewer

The Free NFO Viewer is a freeware that helps users view NFO files or text files or ASCII files. The viewer is a portable software and comes with customizable options. The tool also supports multiple languages making it a universal application.

Website: http://download.cnet.com/Free-NFO-Viewer/3000-2351_4-76098611.html

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