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Viewing Video Recordings On A Number Of Devices Is Now Possible

Viewing Video Recordings On A Number Of Devices Is Now Possible

The good news for users is that the free MTS to MKV Converter is now available. MTS is nothing but the file extension of AVCHD and it is useful for storing video recordings done with high quality camcorders. It is true users can view high quality HD videos but unfortunately, the videos can be viewed only on some specific devices.

But now that the free MTS to MKV Converter is available, the compatibility of the videos increases which means users can view them on various other platforms also including iOS, Windows, Android, etc, MKV is the acronym for Matroska Videos and a number of media players support this. Therefore, users can view their videos any time and even when they are traveling.

That this app comes free of cost is the main advantage. So, there is no question of trial versions for this app. Users have to just download the app on their laptops or PC’s but the devices should run on Windows OS.

The software is clean also and therefore, users need not have any apprehensions whether the speed and performance of their devices will be negatively impacted. The design of the app is quite simple and hence, anyone including those who do not have much technical background can use the app.

Another advantage with the Free MTS to MKV Converter is the quality of the videos will remain the same even after conversion of the files. This means the files will have the same quality like that of the original ones. The app’s user interface is also straight-forward and does not pose any problems such as complex settings, etc.

The app does have some advanced options but users can install those options also easily just with a few clicks. But once they install these advanced options, they are certain to have a much improved viewing experience. All the tasks like adding files, choosing the order in which the files must be converted and removing of videos from the list can be accomplished without any hassles and within a few seconds as the layout of the main menu is highly user-friendly.

About The Free MTS to MKV Converter

The Free MTS to MKV Converter improves the compatibility of the video recordings done with high quality camcorders and stored on MTS so they can be viewed on a number of platforms. The converter has a simple interface and so, it can be installed and used even by those who have no technical background.

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