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VIPole Secure Instant Messenger for safest personal and business applications

VIPole Secure Instant Messenger for safest personal and business applications

VIPole is proud to launch VIPole Secure Instant Messenger. The full-featured communication system has been developed with premium grade security and encryption to ensure safe personal and business applications. The system is backed with strong encryption to ensure 100% privacy besides offering zero backdoors and snooping. The messenger provides its user with a secure platform for efficient communication.

The highly secure and strongly encrypted messenger application system comes with several features that include secure instant messaging, secure voice and video calls, encrypted file storage, secure video chats, password manager, task manager, daily planner and notes. The CEO of the company was noted saying, “VIPole has moved a step forward with the launch of its VIPole Secure Instant Messenger.  The new messenger system with its strong encryption algorithms protects all user communications and data.” The application offers an outstanding feature where all user data is encrypted such the user can decrypt only one among them. This ensures the data with superior protection.

The communication system extends complete security for teams. It provides user groups with business accounts with a single source payment for all users in the group. The system offers full control over all users in a business account besides extended security settings. VIPole corporate server is available as server software and runs on the user’s server for full control of server performance and security. The cluster editions offer solutions for high load and high availability.

The high-class servers strongly protected by a sophisticated access system for optimum privacy of the user’s encrypted data. The company’s network and systems engineers operate and monitor the data centers 24/7 for stable and secure environment for the user’s communications and files.

About VIPole

VIPole is a Premium Secure Instant Messenger. It provides a high-end platform for secure messaging, secure calls and encrypted file storage

Contact Information: VIPole LLP
Contact Number: +44 1916220073 (English, 10-18 CET)
Address: 20 Centenary Ave South Shields,
Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom NE34 6QH
E-Mail: business inquiries:
Media & press:

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