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Vivo Launches New Project For Queensland Motorways

Vivo Launches New Project For Queensland Motorways

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia – Vivo Group is an icon for innovative web solutions. In early 2015, Vivo is helping to release a new package of solutions to help better connect the Northern and Southern suburbs and enhance the cross city transportation via the Legacy Way tunnel. Vivo Group has helped to develop an interactive map solutions to the Queensland Motorways. The main purpose of this project is to communicate the advantages of tunnel in a more interactive way.

How does the solution benefit?

The website is visually appealing and has included all the major roads and landmarks that any visitor would generally reference. This ensures the flexibility and readable size of the maps enabling various screens to be clearly viewed on the website. The website also offers alternate routes to the visitors in order to save around 20 minutes of their time in commuting. Once you select your alternate route, the entire direction is traced in order to help you guide the path you need to follow. This is a great alternative to plotting the map routes. Vivo provides highly scalable traffic solutions and works best in the newer browser versions. For primitive browsers the company offers jpeg images and downloadable PDF version of maps. With the trend shifting to mobile, Vivo Group has been supporting their solutions on smaller screens like smart phones and tablets.

Vivo Group helps to resolve your problems with their innovative solutions and engage you to a technical team who is directly working on your project. You can directly reach out to the technical team to know the progress of your project. If you are ready to take your digital experience to a next level, then don’t wait to reach Vivo Group. We are here to help you find your best possible solution to the web design and development tasks.

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