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Vocaliz Uses Music To Elevate Listeners And Create An Illustration Of His Life Experiences!

Vocaliz Uses Music To Elevate Listeners And Create An Illustration Of His Life Experiences!

Brooklyn, New York; 14, December 2015: Born in Cameroon, Hip Hop/R&B artist Vocaliz fell in love with music at an early age via the Hip Hop genre. Believing that Hip Hop is one of the few genres that can borrow from any other format without losing its substance. He began his career around the age of 14 writing rhymes in the back of the classroom and trying to put songs together heavily influenced by artists such as The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest or The Fugees. In 2009, he released a collaborative album with the very talented Ghanaian producer/singer AFANA, which was a combination of soul, Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Pop, and Ghanaian Hi-life music. The main single of the album “Under The Sun ” was a big success in Cyprus where he resided at the time and was devored by the local radio stations that kept it on heavy rotation for the remaining of the year 2009. He has since adopted the inspiration and vibe of the album that means “anything can happen”, and moved to the artistic hub of Brooklyn, New York.

Taking the time to dig into his soul to find himself musically, Vocaliz believes that it’s our flaws and imperfections that actually make us unique and give us more room to grow. It’s okay to be different, it’s okay to not always fit or go in the same direction as the majority, it’s okay to have a different vision of the world. What matters the most is to fully accepts who we are and believe in the potential to achieve our goals. That was the Vocaliz’s state of mind when he wrote his newest single which seems to be his most critically-acclaimed work thus far.

Recorded in his Brooklyn apartment and mixed by a studio in Nice, France, “In Love With Life” is a positive, edgy, and real account of a diverse musician with an uncanny ability to connect with listeners from all walks of life. The song is receiving a lot of accolades from listeners all over the world and it’s currently on rotation on more than 40 radio stations in the US and in Europe, the music video has recently been selected by “IFame TV” which reaches over 40 millions households in North America. As an independent artist, Vocaliz plans to use the next six months to further his own music career by performing at larger platforms to share his message of positivity and social change.

Available on iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify, and other online music outlets, “In Love With Life” is a touching track that illustrates the highs and lows associated with being human; a testament to how past experiences shape who we are and our outlook on the world. For more information on Vocaliz, his socially positive style of music, and his path through the independent music career, check out the Vocaliz Facebook Page, or visit his website at

Additional Contact:
T.D. Schemansky
3000 Records
P.O. Box 285
Fenton, MI 48430
(586) 480-3000

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