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Voice To Text App Announced

Voice To Text App Announced

Voice To Text app, as the name suggests can convert voice into text saving the hassle of typing and thus time for users.

Quite simply, it is speech recognition software that can be easily downloaded by users who can then get started with it at the earliest. This is a free app that doesn’t cost users a dime and since it gives good quality results it can be used by professionals as well. Moreover the software has been designed to be very easy to use; hence it works perfectly well for beginners too.

Once users have downloaded the Voice To Text app all they have to do is talk to the computer, which will do the typing for them. The app has several features, which ensure that the results can be customized according to one’s requirements. For starters, they have the option of it recognizing the voice and typing out the text accordingly.

How often have users struggled to write long research papers or text for presentations for that matter? Now this hassle can be completely sidestepped with the help of this user friendly app. What’s more, the software can also be used to type out emails or a regular basis or create spreadsheets and documents too.

One of the highlights of the app of course is the fact that it is fairly accurate. That makes it stand out from other software recognition apps that one can find in the market. It types out the exact spoken words so that there are no corrections required later. This multilingual software is available in French, Spanish and, Japanese besides English.

About Voice To Text

It is a speech recognition app that allows users to speak to the computer, which then types it out in text form.

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