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Voth Nixon Group Survey Determines that Stressful Environments Affect Employee Efficiency
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Voth Nixon Group Survey Determines that Stressful Environments Affect Employee Efficiency

According to a recent Voth Nixon Group study, employees which are facing excessive stress in office environments display a lower level of commitment to their jobs, are less productive and are more absent, as opposed to peers that are not facing similar pressures.

The results of Voth Nixon Group’s International Business Attitudes survey show that workplace detachment increases in a directly proportional manner with higher degrees of stress. The survey found that out of the individuals who have declared they are experiencing increased stress within their occupational environment, 54% said that they felt disconnected from their jobs. Comparatively, only 9% of the questioned employees which claim to face lower levels of stress declared that they feel a similar disengagement, with over half of this group replying that they consider themselves highly focused and connected to their work.

“The results of the survey reinforce a well-known, yet regularly disregarded fact which should be common knowledge by now, namely that increased stress and decreased productivity go hand in hand” said Frank Votaw, Chief Operating Officer of Voth Nixon Group. “Well over a third of those questioned have replied that they consider excessive pressure as a major burden that can affect their level of engagement towards their professional obligations, which is a direct indicator of decreased productivity”.

The survey also found that stress also contributes to a higher degree of absenteeism, with an average of 5 sick days per year for employees facing increased pressures as opposed to only 2.5 for individuals in the low stress group.

“When it comes to social responsibility companies should promote a healthier style of life, educating their employees and emphasizing the benefits of a good night’s rest, physical exercise, wholesome nutrition and balancing their career and personal lives accordingly in order to keep them active, satisfied and most of all productive. There are business entities that have noticed the advantages of a healthier workforce and are now reaping the benefits, with other companies making significant progress in this direction” continued Mr. Votaw.

“Bolstering our offerings with low-cap equities and an international low-volatility stocks portfolio is a safe option for risk-aware clients and advisors looking to strengthen their portfolios with potential upside. As with all of Voth Nixon Group’s strategies the new funds will be managed by talented and committed investment specialists” concluded Mr. Alexander Wong Voth.

The research also identified certain factors that affect the occurrence of increased stress. One of the main causes cited by employees was faulty staffing (47%) while only 12% of the questioned employers believe this is an issue. On the other hand, 29% of the respondent business leaders consider technology that makes occupational interactions after working hours to be a major cause of stress related issues, though only a minority of employees (9%) would agree with this presumption.

“If company managers and executives want to avoid scenarios where stress becomes a detrimental factor to their employees and their businesses as a whole then they need to understand what causes it in the first place; such factors often go unnoticed due to minimal communication or lack of employee feedback and because of this even the most well intentioned management team could find itself concentrating their energies and resources in the wrong direction” concluded Mr. Votaw.

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