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Voth Nixon Group’s ‘A Pragmatic Option’ Takes an Objective-Based Approach to Building Portfolios
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Voth Nixon Group’s ‘A Pragmatic Option’ Takes an Objective-Based Approach to Building Portfolios

Voth Nixon Group has released a visionary educational program titled ‘A Pragmatic Option’, as a condensed response to repeated demand from individuals and financial advisors for a more noticeable and comprehensive educational materials regarding alternatives.

The program is created to help both individuals and advisors understand and consider alternative investment approaches and strategies adapted to the modern portfolios. These alternatives develop far beyond liquid mutual funds to circumscribe asset classes such as real estates, uncontrolled bonds, emerging market equities and many others.

Due to a recent survey from Voth Nixon Group, the advisor aggregation is likely discontented with the ongoing level of education, support and coaching regarding alternative investments.

“There is a visible need for financial education in both ways, for private individuals and advisors when it comes to alternative investment usage and benefits”, said Ulrich Weber, Executive of VNX Group Preferential Value Fund. “Our instructional program, ‘A Pragmatic Option’ is different than any other program because is accessible and coherent. Its elaborate ideas are fully explained regarding wide-ranging approach of investment solutions for people”, Weber added.

The program is designed to reach the main objectives investors seek. Therefore, the program is focused on the four basic outcomes investors expect from a long term portfolio: Income, Growth, Risk Moderation and Inflation Preservation. Liam Wells, Director of Foreign Affairs at Voth Nixon Group stated: “While ambitious outcomes have been consistent within the years, the strategies and tools available for average investors have been improved. As a consequence, advisors are developing ways to understand and explain these tools for investors benefit.”

‘A Pragmatic Option’ concentrates on the importance of investing beyond conventional stock and bond portfolios in pursuit of income and growth, managing risk involved and outrun inflation. From an objective point of view, advisors can convert the investment strategies available into long-term achievements.

About Voth Nixon Group

VOTH NIXON GROUP is a global asset administration group, managing capital for both institutional and retail investors across the world. Our aim is to provide solid fund performance across various asset types in which we know we have a viable competitive edge. At VOTH NIXON GROUP your goals are important to us. We understand the financial challenges that make it difficult to achieve your targets, and we’re qualified to provide the assistance you need. We believe your financial progress, regardless of your present situation or economic condition is achievable.
Address: International Commerce Center (ICC Tower), 1 Austin Road, West Kowloon, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

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