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‘Water Damage Culver City’ Offers Water Damage Services in CA

‘Water Damage Culver City’ Offers Water Damage Services in CA

Culver City, California – For the third time in four years, water is rising over the curb on McDonald Street in the Sunkist Park area of Culver City. Both Culver City Fire Department and Golden State Water are on the scene, attempting to discover the break so they can stop the water.  Residents are urged to call a water damage company before the water recedes in order to contain hazardous mold.

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While flooding in Culver City is “the next big disaster waiting to happen,” according to Ready Culver City, a non-profit emergency preparedness group, water-related infrastructure issues confront almost every community across the country, according to engineers at the University of Maryland’s Clark School of Engineering in separate reports to California officials and in the journal Science. Culver City is no exception. This is the third water main break in Culver City in the past week, with one occurring near Sony Studios and another in the neighborhood south of Sunkist Park bordering on Sepulveda. Companies like Culver City Water Damage are often called in to help with the clean up after such disasters.

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All of these manmade disasters are coming amidst an onslaught of natural ones, with the Culver City area currently under a severe weather warning and beach hazard statement from the National Weather Service. Water damage can then occur from coastal flooding, with tidal surges and waves reaching seven feet along parts of the Los Angeles Coast. Salt water can cause particularly severe types of water damage when it meets the structure of homes that have been dried by excessive heat. Oddly, yesterday’s high temperature of 87 degrees set a new record for the region.  Water damage repair is available from such water damage companies as Water Damage Culver City, which has been providing service to the community for the past several years. With California’s strict new housing regulations on mold control, Culver City residents affected by water damage are encouraged to contact a licensed and bonded company such as Water Damage Culver City.

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Water Damage can occur in your home or business for a variety of reasons. You may have a broken pipe or your hot water heater breaks. There may be flooding outdoors or even your own sprinkler system not operating properly.

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