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Water Liberty Introduces Adya Clarity Water Purifying Drops

Water Liberty Introduces Adya Clarity Water Purifying Drops

People are increasingly concerned with the purity of their drinking water. Lead, mercury and arsenic are a few of the dangerous toxins that Adya Clarity can reduce by up to 99%.

Clean and safe drinking water is often at the forefront of the public health community’s concerns. To ensure that they are drinking clean water free of contaminants, people often turn to bottled water and purification systems. Ironically, some of these solutions may be doing more harm than good, as they remove the very minerals that benefit the body.

Water Liberty introduces the unique water purifying drops, Adya Clarity, to help people drink clean water that is mineralized with healthy additive. Furthermore, it can be purchased at a fraction of the price of conventional solutions. With Adya Clarity, one no longer needs to purchase expensive replacement filters.

Adya Clarity as located on the web at attacks a number of contaminants found in the tap water of many homes and offices. It reduces arsenic, lead and mercury from potentially harmful levels to undetectable amounts. It also reduces other harmful contaminants, including bacteria, chlorine, and plasticizers – making water safe to drink.

Fluoride levels in public water supplies have long been a concern for many in the United States. Despite fluoride’s apparent benefit to oral hygiene, many people are worried that ingesting large amounts is damaging to the human body. Adya Clarity has been tested and proven by an EPA-certified lab to significantly reduce fluoride levels in drinking water. A recent lab test, as seen at , demonstrated that Adya Clarity in fact trapped 100 percent of fluoride contaminants.

Doctors and other health professionals have endorsed Adya Clarity as a superior water purifying drops. In particular, Dr. Brian Clement of the Hippocrates Health Institute has tested the health benefits of Adya Clarity using advanced human blood tests. He shared the results in an interview with Adya Clarity founder, Matt Bakos. The article can be seen at (p.22).

About Water Liberty:

Water Liberty has a mission: to spread cutting-edge research on water science and to bring life-changing water technologies to everyone. At Water Liberty, a team of researchers are passionate about offering educational information through ebooks, videos, blogs and social media. With an understanding of water’s healing properties, we believe this translates into actions to cleanse, purify and transform water to its pristine state.

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