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Website Announces Release of Free XLS Viewer

Website Announces Release of Free XLS Viewer

USA – When it comes to recording, sharing or saving information that involves figures, excel sheets are the best. So, most people share such data through emails, etc in excel format; but if one has to open these excel sheets and view the information they need to have MS Excel installed on their devices. Another alternative to spending money on MS Office is downloading the XLS Viewer which is being provided by this website free of cost.

The best thing about this software is that it is absolutely free of cost. So, one doesn’t have to spend any money on software to view information that comes in excel format. By downloading this software users will be able to open excel files, view them and print them if necessary. Using this software one will be able to get the same experience as using MS Excel; the data is presented in the same format and hence they is no compromise on both the quality and formatting. This software works instantaneously; one has to just go to the website and download the software to immediately access the excel sheets.

This software comes with a simple and easy to understand layout which makes the software very easy to use. Users have an additionally option where they can export the excel files to HTML, which means users can simply open and view them on their browsers. If not users can simply save the files to any specific folder and view them at their convenience. The XLS Viewer is a standalone app and hence doesn’t require any additional software for it to function. It occupies very little disk space, can be downloaded quickly and uses low to moderate system resources and hence doesn’t slow down one’s device.

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This software is free and ideal for users who don’t have MS Excel installed on their device.

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